Personal Finances

Here you will find information for all Paysera clients – starting with instructions on how to use some of our services, and ending with special offers and important updates.

Is it safe to pay online via your bank?

Many of us have been in the situation where you start tapping your pockets and fearing for your payment card to be lost or stolen. Cases when fraudsters buy something online or in physical stores using stolen cards or card details are rare but not impossible. Online banking, however, seems to be one of the safest ways to pay for your purchases in e-shops. All the login details are in your head and often it requires extra confirmations received via SMS or code generator apps.


Joint account for couples – the next step in your relationship 

How to share expenses without those awkward money reminders? Read about joint accounts for couples, electronic money requests, and other ways to manage family finances in the early stages of a relationship. 


What is a SEPA payment? Difference between SEPA and SEPA Instant

All you need to know about SEPA and SEPA Instant payments: What is it? How long do they take? What are the fees for SEPA and SEPA Instant transfers? 


New Year’s resolutions: How to save money – the 50/30/20 rule

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is better management of personal finances. With the 2021 coming, we would like to share with you some advice on how to save money applying the 50/30/20 rule.


What is inflation and how to protect your money? 

Inflation is happening constantly, everywhere, and affects everybody. Increasing prices of goods and decreasing purchasing power of money push companies and regular people to look for different ways to protect their money from losing its value. While some choose to invest, others go for safer alternatives. 


Protect your money – go for gold! 

A cup of coffee in the 1970s was 20 cents, today – it’s  EUR 1.50. Meanwhile, an ounce of gold in the 1970s was EUR 200, today – it’s more than 8 times that price. What do these two commodities have in common, you may wonder? Inflation. 


What is an IBAN and how to find it? 

IBAN is one of the most commonly used numbers in the banking sector. Whether you want to send money or receive it – you will almost certainly use an IBAN. However, do you actually know what an IBAN is?


Gold purity, fineness, and karat – what is it and how to check it? 

What do numbers describing gold purity mean? What is the difference between karats and fineness? Can you find 100 per cent gold? And how do you check the fineness of gold? 


Go for GOLD! Buy gold online via Paysera

Gold trading has been circulating in the news for the last few months now. Its price increases daily and its sales go up due to fears of an economic crisis. That’s why we are even happier to introduce to all our clients the ability to buy gold online.


Why is my Paysera account blocked or restricted?

We often see people discussing this topic in various forums as well as on social media, so we decided to give you some insights on why some people find their Paysera account blocked or restricted.


Alternative Easter: All you need to know about spending the holidays at home 

We will make sure that the pocket money for your grandchildren or little presents for your loved ones reach their accounts before Easter morning. We are glad that Paysera clients can freely send and receive money regardless of any holidays.