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Most Googled questions about Paysera

Have you ever Googled anything about Paysera? Check if your question is amongst the most frequently asked ones online! And let us save you time. Get your answer straight from the Paysera team.

1. Is Paysera a bank?

Paysera is not a bank but an electronic money institution, in the industry also called EMI or fintech. Paysera has an electronic money institution licence, which is slightly different from the bank one. It offers a wide range of services that are very similar to the ones you can find in traditional banks.

However, Paysera offers a multitude of various benefits that are rare in traditional banks, such as: fully remote account opening and management (you never have to come to a physical branch); 24/7 support in English (by real humans!); no account maintenance fees, etc.

2. Is Paysera safe?

Yes, Paysera is a fully licensed electronic money institution and is safe to use. The company is regulated by the Bank of Lithuania and follows strict safety guidelines in different sectors.

Also, Paysera’s clients’ money is separated from the company funds, so if, in some cases, the company went bankrupt, the clients’ money would not be affected. Of course, that case is very unlikely, since Paysera is one of a few companies that is profitable for 17 years in a row now!

We also constantly educate our clients on how not to get tricked by financial scammers, as this is globally one of the TOP reasons why people tend to lose money these days.


These are some of our articles about how to use Paysera safely:

3. Is Paysera a Visa card?

Hah! No, Paysera is not a Visa card, but we do have one! Paysera account holders can order Visa payment cards online via the Paysera app or online banking.

The card has an ordering and maintenance fee and can be used worldwide, wherever Visa is accepted. However, delivery of the card is available only in the European Economic Area.

How to get a Visa card?


4. How to open a Paysera account?

You can open the Paysera account fully remotely, whether you are a business or a private user.

For that you will need to download the Paysera app, register, complete identification, and provide documents like a passport or ID card.

Read our step-by-step instructions on how to do it >

5. How to delete a Paysera account?

We would be sad to see you go, but it is worth knowing anyway that you can close your Paysera account fully remotely. Before you do that – check if you don't have any arrears or positive balance on your account, and if you do – transfer the money. Also, you should separately block your Visa card permanently.

After these steps are taken, you will need to email from your confirmed email address in our system or call us from your registered phone on +44 20 80996963 and request to delete your Paysera account.

Read detailed instructions on how to close your Paysera account >


6. How to link Paysera to PayPal?

Once you have a Visa card, you can easily link it to PayPal and other payment systems. To link your Visa card to PayPal – log in to your PayPal account, press “Wallet” > “Link a debit or credit card” > Fill out the form with the Visa card details and press “Link a card”.

Note: you must have at least 1,50 EUR on your card in order to link it to PayPal.

Watch video instructions on how to link your Visa card to PayPal >

7. Can I use Paysera without a card?

Yes, you can use Paysera without a card. Paysera provides its customers with European IBAN accounts and these can be used to make money transfers, convert currencies, purchase gold, and more.

Additionally, Paysera clients can order Visa payment cards – to make purchases online and pay by card, add it to Google Pay, Apple Pay, and link it to PayPal and other payment systems. More about the Visa card >

8. Can I buy crypto with Paysera?

No, you can’t buy cryptocurrencies with Paysera and you can’t withdraw funds from crypto trading websites to your Paysera account.

Using Paysera for crypto trading is strictly forbidden and outlined in the Paysera policies. Ignoring this will result in account restrictions and, eventually, closure.

9. Where does Paysera work?

Paysera works in many countries around the globe. You can find the complete list of countries where Paysera works here.

In some regions Paysera provides only partial services – for example, in Algeria, you can open a Paysera account, but cards are delivered only to the European Economic Area countries. However, if you already happen to have a card, you can use it in any country where Visa cards are accepted.

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