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Go for GOLD! Buy gold online via Paysera


Gold trading has been circulating in the news for the last few months now. Its price increases daily and its sales go up due to fears of an economic crisis. That’s why we are even happier to introduce to all our clients the ability to buy gold online. No premium accounts needed – everyone is welcome.  

Precious metals are one of the oldest and most stable commodities. As a financial institution, Paysera is proud to make gold trading accessible to every person in a simple and convenient way.

Is gold a good investment?

Or should we ask whether it is an investment at all? It is a common and somewhat controversial topic of discussion, and every person interested in investment will have an opinion about it. 

We like to say that you can call it an investment, but it will not be a good or profitable one. The truth is that gold, just like other precious metals, do not actively generate income. So, if you have some spare money to invest, better make it work for you by investing it in a successful business or other activities that will generate steady profits.  

However, unlike most regular currencies, gold is less likely to devalue in the long run and be affected by ongoing changes in the financial markets. This is the main benefit of buying gold. Most people buy gold purely to preserve the purchasing power of their money. We also believe in this idea and therefore offer our clients this unique opportunity to expand their asset portfolio with gold. 

How do I buy gold online? 🤔 

You basically convert your currency to gold (XAU) and just like with any other currencies you can exchange it - sell it back to Paysera any time you want. It's as simple as that!

To help you get your head around it, gold will be displayed not only in weight but also in your currency, for example, euros. 


Can I have real gold? 👑

You can! The best part about gold trading via Paysera is that you can actually pick up physical precious metals from the Paysera HQ in Vilnius, Lithuania. Worldwide delivery is also available. Once you pick up what you've purchased – the electronic metal will be deducted from your precious metals account.

You can take a gold coin or bar with you at any time. If you don’t do it within two days – we will automatically apply a small storage fee to your bullion and it will be securely stored in Paysera's safes. 

However, we do not advise to keep precious metals at home as they are less secure from burglaries and other misfortunes. But it’s your gold, so you do as you please! 😎


Can I send gold to others? 🤝

Yes, you can send gold to other Paysera account holders. When the occasion is right, it can be a really unique and precious gift to someone in both physical or electronic form, and certainly much better than gifting money in an envelope. However, you should not sell to or buy it from them electronically. But you can always sell it back to Paysera.

As for paying, you can’t pay for goods and services with precious metals because they're not an actual currency and payments in most countries are possible only in local currencies, but you can convert it to any available currency and pay with it within seconds.

Why is buying gold online from Paysera worth it?

Reliable 🤝
Paysera is operating in the financial market for more than 15 years now. We are the very first licensed electronic money institution (EMI) in Lithuania and we enable our clients to convert currencies at competitive rates, make international transfers, collect money online in a cheap and convenient way, order payment cards, and more. We are trusted by both private clients and businesses not only in Lithuania but internationally as well. 

Flexible 🧮
We understand that not all clients can afford to buy a sizeable amount of gold at once, so we allow buying precious metals in parts.

Physical precious metals 🏅
Although Paysera clients buy gold online – physical coins and bars are also available for pick up and are securely kept in Paysera's safes. Clients can take what they’ve purchased from the Paysera HQ in Vilnius, Lithuania, order a delivery to any other country, or simply keep their gold in Paysera's storage.

Secure 🔒
Keeping gold at home is not safe, so when buying gold from Paysera you have the option to keep it secure in Paysera’s storage, and you can pick it up any time you want. Furthermore, holding your savings in the form of gold is also more secure than keeping it in cash, which can not only devalue but also get lost or stolen.

Convenient 📲
What can be more convenient when buying precious metals, than buying it online? Purchasing works pretty much the same as converting currency – via the Paysera online banking or the mobile app. And you can always buy more or sell the metals back to Paysera.


Let’s talk prices 💸

Fees apply for storing and trading gold via Paysera.

Either way, to buy precious metals you first have to be a Paysera client – but that’s FREE. You can open an account via our mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android.

You are your own boss❗️

Bear in mind that Paysera does not and cannot advise on any purchases including this one, we merely give you the ability to buy or sell precious metals via Paysera and we hope you make the best of it. 

Have any questions? 

💻 Visit our website to find out more about the precious metals, fees, and other useful information.
📞 Reach out to our client support
❓ Read the most frequently asked questions about trading gold online.  

And we will do our best to offer you more precious metals as well as make the process even more convenient and flexible in the future. Follow us on social media to be the first one who gets the news! 

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