Behind the scenes of the first Lithuanian fintech – career insights, social activity, employee accomplishments, and various celebrations! Less numbers, more stories.

2020: a rally which shook us, but reminded us about brakes

This should have been a year of economic prosperity, the Summer Olympic Games, and the beginning of a new decade. More travelling, more concerts, and even more tourists pouring into the old town of Vilnius. More pessimistic forecasts predicted a slight slow-down in the economy or, in an extreme case, an overheating economy. I remember that it raised concerns. And then the pandemic came.


Fintechs and physical gold? They're compatible, especially now

Paysera’s co-founder and main shareholder shares his thoughts on the coexistence of two things which at first might appear incompatible – online fintechs and the physical gold market.


A brief history of Lithuanian fintechs

To mark Paysera’s 16th birthday, the company’s CEO Vytenis Morkūnas reviews the short yet rich history of fintechs in Lithuania. From the very first payment cards to the first attempts to trade physical gold online – all of it fits into a period spanning no more than 30 years.


Will work from home become the new norm? 

Since the public health situation is improving, we can share our impressions about working from home already from our comfy office chairs with an unlimited supply of coffee. And yet we are still left wondering – is this it? Or will this working model now become the new norm?


Remote work: is it a good time to start a new job?

For almost a month now we have been operating an international fintech from home. Nonetheless, the systems are up and running and we are looking for new people. So, if you ever wondered whether it’s a good time to change jobs – we confidently say YES.


Everyone unites to fight the consequences of the quarantine

Since the quarantine was extended, more private businesses join forces and try to help not just their employees but also other people, medics, and NGOs in need. Paysera, too, steps in to ease the crisis.