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Myth vs. Reality: the truth about investing

True and false stereotypes about investing
Investing is often misunderstood. Some view it as a suspiciously lucrative financial scheme, while others equate it to gambling. These misconceptions can deter many from promising financial opportunities, but investing doesn't need to appear daunting or risky. Let's dive in and bust these myths to help you gain a clearer understanding of it!

Investing myth #1: It’s too complicated

Investment jargon and financial terms can appear complex, as if it’s a language understood by financial experts only.

If you get overwhelmed, remember this: these terms simply describe everyday events and activities that we all experience.

Luckily, nowadays, there’s a massive amount of resources available that can help you understand these terms and principles in simple words, from books to interactive courses. With a basic understanding of key concepts and a willingness to learn, anyone can navigate the investment landscape.

Investing myth #2: It’s a get-rich-quick scheme

Let’s establish one thing first – there’s no such thing as a shortcut to instant wealth.

People who claim that there is one are most likely looking to involve you in a financial scheme or a scam.

Genuine and legitimate investing is a long-term endeavour that requires patience, discipline, and a focus on realistic goals. Do your best to resist the temptation of making impulsive investment decisions based on short-term market movements or speculative trends. Staying focused on your long-term financial goals is crucial and is bound to bear fruits in time.

You've got this!

Investing requires patience and realistic goals

Investing myth #3: It requires a lot of money

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a substantial sum of money to begin investing. Sure, it can be helpful to have more, as bigger investments can potentially lead to higher returns, but it is in no way a necessity. Many investment platforms make it accessible for people to invest with varying budgets.

In fact, you can begin with small amounts and gradually increase your investments over time.

Investing myth #4: It’s too risky

Yet another very misleading assumption is that investing works the same way gambling does, assuming that it’s all about luck and speculation.

Like in everything in life, luck can play a role, but it’s certainly not the driving force behind successful investments. In fact, it involves thorough research, analysis, and making informed decisions based on facts and data. Successful investors develop strategies, diversify their portfolios, and manage risks effectively – all of which minimise the fear of risk.

Investing myth #5: It’s all about timing

They say that timing is everything… but can anyone really predict the right timing? The answer is no – it’s impossible to know what the future will bring.

What we’re talking about here is that people always say that if you want to make good returns from your investments, you should buy stocks when they are low and sell them when they are high.

Unfortunately, in reality, it only sounds simple – predicting outcomes is practically impossible, and the strategy only leads to missed opportunities or poor decision-making.

Investing myth #6: You need to monitor investments daily

You don’t need to constantly monitor and trade frequently. Staying informed about your investments is essential, yes, but as mentioned earlier – it’s not about attempting to time the market, but focusing on quality and long-term investment strategy.

Quality and long-term investments don’t require daily monitoring

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