Round the clock monitoring

Paysera uses a variety of systems which help to monitor both operation of the system itself and operations performed by clients.

Data are encrypted

Client's communication channel with Paysera is coded, so that no one could intercept transferred data. Client's login and other data is stored separately from Paysera system.

Periodical scanning and audit

Periodically, Paysera system is scanned using most advanced instruments, while the programming code is checked with the help of external safety specialists.

Additional safety instruments

You also can contribute to safety of your account. You can easily set several safety measures for login to the system and execution of transfers.

Buyer identification

When purchasing at e-shops labelled with "Verified by VISA", each online purchase is confirmed additionally. This way, the system identifies the buyer and confirms that s/he is authorized to use the payment card.

Compliance with VISA safety requirements

Paysera VISA payment card complies with the highest safety requirements. The card is protected with the "3-D Secure" (Verified by VISA) technology which makes online purchases even safer.

Licensed e-money institution

Special e-money institution license

From 2012, Paysera is a licensed e-money institution which has the right to execute the activity related to issuance of e-money and provision of payment services all around the European Union.

Money is safe

All funds transferred to your Paysera accounts are separated from funds of the company and cannot be used for needs of the company, loaned or invested. All money is kept only in reliable credit institutions in the European Union.

Supervision of the bank of Lithuania

The institution is periodically checked and audited by the central Bank of Lithuania. It ensures transparent and otherwise impeccable activity and monitoring of financial indicators.

International PCI DSS security certificate

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificate is an international standard of security technologies and processes. This security standard regulates requirements for companies accepting payments with cards and processing client data. The certificate confirms that Paysera complies with all security requirements. Paysera system has the standard of the highest 1st level installed, which is used to safely perform more than 6 M of card transactions a year.

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