Visa payment card

The Visa payment card is a convenient and reliable way to always keep your money at hand.

You can order a card, select the colour of the card, and manage your accounts in the Paysera mobile app. If you use your card when you shop online, the app can also help you secure your card details by requesting order confirmation.

The Visa card can also be added to platforms such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.


A bright personal Visa payment card for daily expenses. Choose a card in dark blue, pink, or show solidarity with the colours of the Ukrainian flag – find your card in your wallet in no time!

Fast and modern payments


Ordering a card

All Paysera clients who have completed the identification process and reached the age of 16 and are EEA residents can order a Visa card. One person can order up to 5 additional cards. The ordering process is fast and easy – you can do this by logging in to the Paysera online banking or mobile app. Please note that you must have the Paysera app in order to confirm online card purchases.


Account management by phone 

By logging in to the Paysera mobile app you will be able not only to check your card account balance, but also to download account statements, perform money transfers to other banks, and to instantly send money from your main account to your card account and vice versa. If required, you will be able to verify your PIN code in the app or freeze your card if you lose it. 


Contactless payments

In order to pay small amounts in stores – simply tap the card to the reader and cover your expenses without needing to enter the card’s PIN code. For even greater convenience, add your Visa card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay and simply pay with your phone. This way your card and money will always be at hand!


Cash transactions

Cash-out with Visa cards is available worldwide – at all ATMs that service Visa cards. When cashing out in euro, select cash-out without conversion – this way you will avoid paying additional fees. You can also pay and cash out in other currencies, however, additional conversion fees will be applicable to such transactions because the card currency is euro.


Separate IBAN account

By ordering a Visa card, a separate IBAN account will be opened. It will be completely separate from your main account, and therefore you can send only the amount of money you want to spend. 


Secure and convenient online shopping

If a specific payment requires additional safety precautions, you will have to confirm it via the app. This safety measure will ensure that if your card is lost, no one can use it for themselves. Additionally, you can also freeze or block your card.


Where do I start?

Download the Paysera app.

Register and complete identification.

Top up your account.

More about the Visa card

Informational videos and frequently asked questions about the Visa payment card.

Who can order the card?

All Paysera clients who have completed the identification process and reached the age of 16 and are EEA residents can order a Visa card.

How to order the card?

1. Log in (or register) via the Paysera mobile app.
2. Go to Cards.
3. Then tap +.
4. Enter the requested data and confirm the order.

Before ordering a card, make sure that you have sufficient funds on your main Paysera account to pay for the card order and delivery. Don’t have sufficient funds? Top up your account.

One person can order up to 5 cards. All of them will be linked to the same card account. If the card is ordered for business needs, provide the details of the person who will use the card (username – email or phone number).

When ordering a card for the first time, you will be able to choose the card’s colour (the number of colours may vary).

Private persons may choose from 3 colours – dark blue, pink, and the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

When ordering additional cards or when a card expires – the same colour card as the first one is automatically ordered.

1. Log in to the Paysera mobile app.
2. Go to Cards.
3. Tap on Activate card.
4. Enter the CVV code that is provided by the signature strip.

After receiving the card, you must activate it within 3 months from its date of manufacture.


1. Log in to the app.
2. Go to Cards.
3. Choose Top up card.
4. Choose the account and the amount, and confirm.

If you don’t have enough money in your current account – you can top up your account (or directly your Visa card) by a regular bank transfer to your IBAN account. Such transfers are available only in Euro. If you want to send a different currency to your Paysera current account – you need to generate top-up instructions (Paysera online banking > Accounts and Cards > Account Top-Up > Fill out the form and update the instructions).


1. Log in to the app.
2. Go to Cards.
3. View card PIN.
4. Enter the CVV code.


1. Log in to the app
2. Go to Cards.
3. Freeze card – your card will be temporarily frozen. You can activate it again at any time.
4. Block card – your card will be blocked permanently, your card account will be closed.

If you suspect that you lost your card or that somebody else knows your card details – freeze your card immediately. Don’t share your PIN or access to the card with anyone.


If you have an iPhone you will see a suggestion button to add your card to Apple Pay when logging in to the app and going to the Cards section.

You can also add your card to Google Pay, Samsung Pay , or PayPal.

All identified Paysera users who are EEA residents can order the card and use it all around the world where Visa cards are accepted.

Delivery time and cost depends on the delivery method you choose - you will see it before confirming your order. Choose tracked delivery to see your delivery progress.