Benefits and possibilities

Free account

Having opened a free Paysera account, you can fast and easily manage everyday financial operations. You will be able to set limits and authorize other persons to manage the account free of charge.

Free transfers between Paysera users

Transfers between Paysera users are free of charge. It is the easiest way to transfer money, as you can indicate only the email address, phone number or Paysera account number of the recipient. Money reaches the recipient immediately.

Paysera VISA card

Use the possibility to pay with Paysera VISA card at POS and e-shops around the world. The card is protected with "3-D Secure" (Verified by VISA) technology which makes online purchases even safer.
Learn more about the payment card.

Currency rates and exchange

Use most favorable exchange rates and convert currency on Paysera account. On your Paysera account you can keep money in 32 different currencies and use them to perform international transfers or pay online.

Transfer around the world

Cheapest transfers to banks in your country and international Webmoney and Payza systems. Transfers to more than 10 000 banks, in more than 180 countries around the world for the best price. Money reaches the recipient in 30 minutes.

Payment at e-shops

More than 5000 e-shops with Paysera Checkout payment method installed. Choose this payment method to pay faster and also get a chargeback of up to 1% from the purchase.

For accountants

Move payment templates from another bank within several minutes. Perform automated mass payments, generate detailed reports and export data for accounting.

Highest-level security

Safety is of the highest priority to Paysera. Thus, we always strive to use the software, technologies and monitoring systems only of the highest standards. It ensures protection of your money, data and transfers round the clock.

Easy and convenient to use

E-money system

Paysera e-payments system can be accessed via the Internet round the clock, which means that you can use it at any time and place. The account is also opened online and is free of any charge.

Fast and convenient access

You can check the account balance and perform standard transfers by logging in with your email/ phone number and password. To access more possibilities offered by the account, perform the additional login confirmation with a safe and convenient method of your choice.

Unlimited transfer amounts

With the 4th identification level, you can set any amounts you need without limits. It means that your local and international transfers, payments for goods and services online and tax payments are not limited to any amounts of money.

Transfers are performed every day

Urgent transfers are performed 7 days a week from 8 AM till 8 PM, while payment orders can be submitted round the clock. Money reaches the recipient in 15-30 minutes during working hours of the recipient bank.

No crediting fee

When receiving money from any local or foreign bank to the Paysera account, usually no crediting fee is applied. Yet, if such fee is applied, it is a special fee set by the partner bank of Paysera.