Benefits and possibilities

Self-service for creating events

Create, manage and edit your event yourself at any time. Add new ticket types, change prices and activate discount codes.

Free events for free

You are organizing a free event? Use Paysera Ticket system free of any charge.

Discount feature

Raise your tickets sale numbers by using the advanced discount system. Announce various promotions and analyse their effectiveness.

Plenty of payment methods

Tickets to events can be sold to clients all around the world, who can pay via their usual payment method and currency.

Free ticket checking application

Tickets are checked with any mobile device with Android operating system using the free Paysera Tickets application.

Perhaps the lowest price on the market

Officially published pricing will exceed your expectations and outweigh any other offer on the market. No additional fees for the buyer.

Income in real time

Income to your Paysera account is credited in real time. Manage money immediately, as soon as the buyer purchases tickets to your event.

Collection of additional data from buyers

You would like to not only sell tickets, but also collect additional data about the buyer?
Set a form for the buyer to fill in for each event separately.

Ticketing widget

Fast and easy integration of the ticket selecting plugin to your website.

Season tickets

Group similar events together – whether it's art classes or sports games, they can all be in one place. Even more features – sell one ticket to all the events in the group and enable event attenders to re-sell their tickets, so not a single seat is wasted!

Multi-use tickets

One ticket – many options! Now you can customise one ticket to be used several times, which is perfect for gym memberships, yoga classes, and various courses made up of several meetings.

Buyer's account

Happy buyer – happy seller. No more lost tickets, missed events, and other obstacles. Now ticket buyers can have everything in one place – their personal buyer's account.

Are you organizing a large non-standard event?

Contact with our Client Service Department via phone +44 20 80996963
or via email.