About a payment card

Who can order a payment card?

The Visa payment card can be ordered by any person who has reached the age of 16 and has been registered and identified in the Paysera system. Up to 5 payment cards can be issued to one person.
An additional card holder must be at least 14 years old. An additional card holder disposes of funds on the main Visa payment card and the same limits apply to them.
If a card is ordered for business, the login name (email address or phone number) of the private person (company’s representative) who will use the card must be specified.
Cards are issued and delivered to EEA countries only.
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I have ordered a card. How and when is it going to be delivered?

A card can be delivered to a given address by registered or non-registered mail, and also by courier. If the system fails to automatically find your address when entering it, make sure you are entering the address correctly and confirm that the address is correct. In case you entered the wrong delivery address – you will have to reorder the card. Having ordered a card, you will be able to see an estimated delivery time in your account. Please note that the delivery may take longer than specified in the system due to a possible delay in the work of the delivery services. After you receive the card, you need to activate it within 3 months from its date of manufacture.
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I want to temporary block or cancel my card

If you have lost your card and wish to temporary block it, log in to your account, go to Accounts and Cards > Payment Cards > choose the card > Temporary block / Cancel > Temporary block. Later you will be able to unblock the card on your own.
In case you decide to block your card permanently, go to Payment > Cards > choose the card > Temporary block / Cancel > Cancel card. Card cancellation is free of charge and comes into effect immediately.
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What should I do if I have forgotten my card’s PIN code?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your Visa card's PIN. If you have forgotten it, go to Accounts and Cards > Payment Cards > choose the card > Get PIN.
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In which currency can I order a card, pay or withdraw money?

The main currency of the Visa payment card is euro, therefore, all operations are carried out in euro and funds are also debited in euro. If you keep money and make payments in non-euro currency, the funds are automatically converted into the main currency – euro. When withdrawing money in euro at an ATM, you should select “Proceed without conversion” to avoid extra charges for currency conversion. With a Visa payment card you can settle and withdraw money in non-euro currency as well, however, please note that extra charges for currency conversion will be applied.
All the Visa payment card fees can be found here

Can I pay via or link a card with other systems, like PayPal?

You can link your card with PayPal or other systems accepting Visa cards.
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Account and payments

How can I open a personal account?

You can register in the Paysera system by getting the free Paysera Mobile app which you can quickly and conveniently download from Google Play or the App Store. Open the app and tap “Create account”, enter your phone number and create a password, read the conditions of the General Payment Service Agreement and other agreements and tap on “Create account” one more time. You will receive a confirmation code to the indicated phone number which you will have to enter in the window that opens. Perform the other specified actions.
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How can I open a business account?

In order to open a corporate (business) account, first of all, you have to open a personal Paysera account as the company’s director and perform the required actions for identification. Instructions on how to perform the identification are provided here.
How to open a corporate (business) account?
1. Log in to your personal account, click on your name and User-ID, and in the drop-down menu, click on “Open a business account”.
2. Select the company’s registration country, enter the company’s code, and click on “Check”. An account will be opened for your company.
If the company’s registration country is not among the options, select “Other country” and submit the requested documents. The documents will be checked and the account for the company will be opened in 1–3 business days.
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How can I add funds to the account?

Log in to your account, select Accounts and Cards > Account Top-Up, and choose in the opened window:
  • the account you want to top up;
  • the country which the top-up is going to be performed from;
  • the currency of the top-up.
Click on Update instructions. All available methods of account top-up will be displayed. Select one of them and top up the account.
More information about account top up

How can I transfer money to banks and other payment systems?

To perform a transfer from your Paysera account to the bank, log in to your Paysera account. From the left menu select Transfers > Bank Transfer.
In the opened window enter required data to make a transfer. We recommend you to start with your account number when filling in the information because the transfer form is dynamic. After entering the data, click on “Continue”. A transfer order will be formed for you, review it and and click on “Confirm”.
More information about transfers

How can I grant a permission to another person on the corporate account?

A corporate account can be managed by the head of the company and other employees of the company who were granted such rights by the head of the system. For the head to be able to grant permissions to other employees to perform transactions in a corporate account of Paysera, the employees must have an identified personal Paysera account.
In order to grant an authorisation, log in to your account, from the left menu select Settings> Limits, Rights, Permissions > Rights and transfer limits, and click on Create new permission. Granted rights and limits will apply after 12 hours.
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Where can I pay with the mobile app?

You can use the mobile application to pay at various POS, from petrol stations to restaurants. Payment is performed by scanning a QR code or checking in and confirming the purchase.

Map with payment places

How can I install Paysera Checkout at my e-shop?

You can quickly and easily integrate the Paysera payment gateway into your e-shop by using ready plugins. Paysera has created plugins for over 18 popular content management systems, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Impresspages, etc.

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