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7 creative ways to repurpose old office items

7 creative ways to repurpose old office items.
People worldwide are becoming more mindful about buying sustainable products. But did you know you can also help the planet by giving old items a second life? In this blog post, we’ll share fun and creative ways to reduce waste and make the most of your office supplies.

Rule of thumb – make it fun!

Who said a sustainable way of life has to be boring?

Giving office items a second life isn't just great for the environment – it's also fun and engaging! With the right approach, you can turn this into a workshop, competition, or team bonding activity. Employees get to create their own space and contribute with their own hands. The whole process is incredibly rewarding and adds new energy to the entire office. What’s not to like?

What can be repurposed in the office?

With a bit of creativity, almost anything in the office can be reused! If not the whole item, then at least parts of it. While paper is an obvious choice, there's so much more you can repurpose. Look around your office – you'll likely find items that are old and are just taking up space. Think about how they can be transformed and put to good use.

Quick Tip: Before you start repurposing office items, make sure to check with your company’s policies and management. Every company is different, and it's important to handle company property responsibly. Once you have the green light, get creative!

Here are some common office items that you can easily repurpose:

  • Paper and envelopes;
  • Cardboard boxes;
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers;
  • Binders and folders;
  • Staples, paper clips, and rubber bands;
  • Computers and laptops
  • Cables and chargers;
  • Ink and toner cartridges;
  • Plastic containers;
  • Packing materials;
  • Coffee cans;
  • Old magazines
Which items can be repurposed in the office?

A few ideas to spark your creativity

Feeling stuck and unsure where to begin? Feel free to use or get inspired by some of our ideas!

Idea 1: coffee cans

Instead of tossing empty coffee cans, decorate them and repurpose them into storage containers for pens, markers, or office supplies.

Idea 2: used paper

Cut used paper into quarters and staple them together to make eco-friendly notepads for quick notes. You can also shred used paper to use as packing material for shipping items.

Idea 3: plastic bottles

Cut the top off a plastic bottle, decorate it, and use the bottom part to hold pens and pencils. Alternatively, poke small holes in the cap to create a watering can for office plants.

Idea 4: old filing cabinet

Convert an old filing cabinet into a vertical garden by laying it on its back and filling the drawers with soil and plants. Alternatively, repaint and repurpose old filing cabinets as storage units for office supplies.

Idea 5: old books

Hollow out an old book to create a hidden compartment for small valuables. You can also stack old books and glue them together to create a small, sturdy shelf or stand.

Idea 6: old desks

Use old desks for new pieces of furniture, such as a kitchen island or a craft table.

Idea 7: merchandise with old branding

Does your workplace still have merchandise featuring outdated branding? It's a common occurrence as brands evolve. Take Paysera, for example, which underwent a logo and branding update a few years back.

Instead of letting the merchandise collect dust, consider giving it new life. We certainly didn't discard any of ours. In fact, one of our creative team members repurposed an old branded mug into a charming plant pot, as you can see in the image below. It's a delightful way to honour the past while embracing sustainability.

Sustainably repurposing items at Paysera.

Tips for successful repurposing

To successfully and sustainably repurpose office items, focus on three main factors: communication, organisation, and consistency.

Start by communicating and educating the people around you. Explain why saving items when they can be saved is good for the environment, and why careless consumerism is harmful. Saving and reviving older items can not only help people save money, but create something extraordinary and unique too!

You know what to do – now start organising!. Collaborate with team members to plan the logistics – you will need a designated area for items that can be reused. For workshops and team-building activities, establish a schedule focused on repurposing. Decide on the format of these activities, including who will facilitate them (an internal team member or an external professional), and how often they will occur.

Keep the initiatives and encouragement going!. Keeping the momentum going and consistency is crucial. Determine how frequently and in what ways you will encourage your team to continue these sustainable practices.

Good luck, and happy repurposing!

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