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Small steps you can take to make your workplace more sustainable

Small steps you can take to make your workplace greener.
Mastering sustainability is about changing habits and embracing practices that benefit our planet. And why limit it to our personal lives? Your workplace can be a hub for eco-friendly initiatives, with you leading the charge. We're excited to share what's been effective for us and support you on your journey toward a greener future.

Start with an ‘investigation’

Dedicate time to observing or asking around about current eco-friendly practices in your workplace. Maybe there's a recycling programme or a monthly car-free day? Jump into these initiatives!

And when you know what’s already there, you’ll naturally learn what isn’t. Create a list of what could be realistically implemented in your organisation – both individual actions and broader initiatives requiring collective effort. Arm yourself with persuasive points on why these changes would be advantageous, and get the ball rolling!

Keep reading for specific suggestions based on our experience and see what resonates with you!

Redefine the way you get to work

If your workplace is nearby, establish a routine of walking or biking instead of driving. It's not only enjoyable but also great for your wellbeing and the planet!

But if distance or weather pose a challenge, here are some eco-conscious alternatives:

  • Use public transport.
  • Consider using an electric vehicle. At Paysera HQ in Vilnius, our team has access to electric company cars.
  • Use an electric scooter. This might not be suitable for all weather conditions but can be used for fairly long distances. And it’s incredibly fun! Our employees at the Vilnius office have the opportunity to use company electric scooters.
Paysera supports employees commuting in an environmentally friendly way.

Try remote work or a hybrid work model

While certain job roles necessitate physical presence in the office, if your job and company policy permit, remote or hybrid work arrangements can significantly cut down on commuting-related pollution.

At Paysera, we empower our employees to choose where they feel most productive, particularly if their role doesn't demand in-office presence. We noticed that this makes our employees happier and it helps the environment – what’s not to like?

Paysera supports remote and hybrid work models.

Think about sustainable resource management

Incorporating sustainability into resource usage at your workplace begins with simple, individual actions. For instance, you can refuse to use single-use cups and bring your own glass or a mug instead.

At Paysera HQ, we provide every new team member with a branded mug, and our office kitchen is stocked with plenty for guests. In fact, you won’t find a single single-use cup at our office!

Paysera branded mug.

Something else to keep in mind is this: if something breaks, is it really beyond repair? Perhaps it can be fixed or reused for another purpose? Don’t rush to throw things out – be resourceful and creative! This will save money for the company too.

Finally, there’s the matter of paper. Start using less paper – only as much as is necessary. Instead of taking notes on a paper notepad, use your laptop. If papers can be signed electronically – do that! Trust us, every little piece of paper saved counts.

Don’t just recycle at home, do it at work too

Having recycling bins and clear instructions at your workplace makes it much simpler to recycle paper, plastic, and other materials. If your workplace lacks these resources, based on our experience, it’s highly efficient to implement them! Recycling becomes effortless when the right conditions are in place.

Paysera employees recycle at work.

Save energy

This is yet another way in which you, as an individual employee, can make a difference. At the end of the workday, all you need to do is turn off and unplug your electronics – computers, printers, and so on.

If your workplace allows adjustments to heating and cooling systems, use them wisely and encourage your colleagues to do the same by sharing energy-saving tips.

How every employee can save energy at work.

Brighten up the office with plants

Introducing plants to the office is a simple way to improve the space without needing any special skills. Many plant species thrive in office environments with minimal care – all they need is regular watering. Not only do they improve air quality, but they also contribute to a cosy atmosphere.

Office plants at Paysera.

Give suggestions to the responsible people in your company

It's easy to get caught up in our daily tasks, causing us to overlook opportunities for sustainable practices, even among those with the authority to implement them. However, taking the initiative to share practical and achievable suggestions can make a significant difference.

By proactively sharing specific recommendations, you not only contribute to environmental efforts but also demonstrate your commitment to the planet's wellbeing and the improvement of your workplace.

Proactivity and sustainable initiatives at a workplace.

Need a workplace where you can do more?

We’re always looking for like-minded people who are as passionate (or even more!) as we are about sustainability, green energy, and collaboration. If we’re heading in the same direction, why not do it together? Check out our open positions – perhaps you’re the one we’re looking for on our continuous journey to better not just ourselves, but the environment too.

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