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Paysera offers widescale support in Arabic! 

On December 18, the world celebrates Arabic Language day. With thousands of clients from the Arab world, Paysera too wants to congratulate everyone and showcase all the useful content we have in Arabic. So bare with us, or as they say in Arabic – let’s go! 

Client support in Arabic is ON ✅

Paysera is proud to have a client support team answering questions from clients in 14 languages – one of which is Arabic!

To contact an Arabic speaking member of the support team – email us at or call +213 982404402. 

The Paysera app in your language! 📲

The Paysera app financial management tool is used by thousands of Arab speakers. Therefore, we are happy to have it in your language! To change language in the app tap on the cogwheel in the top left, then – Language, then – Arabic. 


Did you know that Paysera runs a blog in Arabic? 

Looking for in-depth information at any time of the day? Pop into our blog to access the most frequently asked questions answered in your language. Read the blog in Arabic > 

Here you can find information about Visa cards, currency exchange, or what to do if your account was blocked or restricted


Subscribe to the Paysera Arabic YouTube channel! ▶️

And last but not least, check us out on YouTube! Videos about Visa cards and account opening – all in Arabic.
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Leave us your feedback! What other content would you like to see in Arabic? 


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