Paysera Super App

One app, endless possibilities

Incorporating a wide range of services, the Paysera app offers all under one roof. Become a user or get your business on board to reach millions of new customers!

For users

Manage your finances like a pro

Remote account opening in minutes

Free European IBAN account (in Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Romania)

Great currency exchange rates

 Local and international money transfers

Visa card compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Real physical gold trading

Paysera Tickets – tickets to events

 Recurring payments

 Split bill and request money features

 Shared accounts

Accounts for savings

Donations to charities

Online stores and cashback

Loan service providers

Log in to Lithuanian public service providers

24/7 client support

 Soon: Virtual cards

 Soon: InRento – investment in real estate

 Soon: Lockers – parcel locker network

For companies

We can integrate your service into the app!

Are you offering a unique service that our users could benefit from? Get involved in the Paysera super app and unlock new opportunities for your business!

 1m+ Paysera app downloads

 All users are registered, verified, and identified.

 Clients can pay instantly straight from their account – no credit card processing fees.

 Different markets available: Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Kosovo, Switzerland, and more.

 Highest level security

 Design and app integration done by us, backend API – by you.

 Depending on the services, it can be fully or partly white-label.


About Paysera

Paysera is an international financial service provider operating in the market for 17+ years.

It is the leading payment processing partner in the Baltics, helping 13,000+ e-shops accept online payments, and offering other services to help them grow – Delivery service, Lockers, etc.

Apart from the app, Paysera also has a web version of their online banking, the Paysera Tickets event ticketing self-service platform, and more.

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