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Paysera account for savings: what is it and how to use it?

Saving can be difficult. Even if you are saving for something that you really desire – a new home, a car, or simply a weekend getaway. We aim to make this process easier. Use a Paysera account for savings, schedule payments, and reach your goals in no time!

What is a Paysera account for savings? 🐽

The savings feature in the Paysera app is free to use and basically works like a piggy bank for your money. Funds can be added and withdrawn at any time, however, you don’t receive any interest on your savings.

You can create as many accounts as you wish and modify them as you go. And best of all, you can set up shared savings and sprint towards the goal together with your friends or loved ones.


How to start? 💰

To set up an account for savings, log in to the Paysera app. Then go to More > Savings > Create new savings.

Don’t have Paysera yet?

Open an account free of charge in minutes!

Give it a title, set the amount of money you want to save, set the end date, choose whether you want to save with someone or alone, and set automatic payment to get it off your mind.

For example, you might want to send 20 euros automatically to your new savings account on the 10th of every month. How convenient!

That’s it! You will be able to edit your goals, manage members, withdraw your savings, and close the account for savings at any time. Best of luck 💪