Paysera mobile application

Manage your money easily wherever you are! 

We strive to make payments easy, fast, and available to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.
The Paysera Super App allows it all!

Download for free and manage your money easily!


Have your money with you anywhere you go. The e-wallet will show you the account balance and  payment history.


Use Paysera app for transferring money with just a few taps, and your money will be received in less than a minute.


Waiting for money? Receive a notification as soon as money reaches your account.


Exchange currency at favourable rates to 30 different currencies, and keep money on your account in several currencies.

Manage your payment card

    • Check your account balance wherever you are. 
    • Temporarily freeze or block your card and change payment limits anytime you want.    
    • Keep forgetting your card's PIN code? Not a problem when you have the mobile app that reminds you of it when you need it.

Even more e-wallet benefits

    • Create a separate account for savings absolutely free of charge. Set your goal, deadline, and automatic payments. 
    • Paid for the lunch with colleagues, but someone delays their payment? Use the split bill feature and remind them by sending a money request.
    • Pay by scanning QR codes. This is especially convenient when purchasing online – no more data entry or double confirmations.

Good for business

    • With the mobile wallet you will easily access all your business accounts – their balance, payment history and other important information. 
    • Receive notifications about incoming and outgoing payments in real-time – they will pop up on your phone screen with no need to log in. Respond fast and keep going with your important activities.      

Start using it now!

Reasonable prices, fast transfers, and the highest level of security.