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10+ reasons why you should use Paysera

Can you remember the criteria for choosing your first bank? Did you choose the one your parents used? Or maybe you got your free card at school? But can you really consider it a choice? Let's take a look at the 10 most common reasons why people open an account with Paysera

1. Excellent currency conversion rate

Did you know that you can convert up to 1000 EUR per month at an extremely good rate? You can do it quickly and easily in the app, and you can also see a rate comparison to the rates of other banks on our website.


2. Manage your money quickly and conveniently

Those who are fed up with the long processes of traditional banks, complicated mobile apps, and the slow introduction of new features – usually choose Paysera.

You can open an account in the app from the comfort of your home and enjoy convenient features such as requesting money, an account for your savings, recurring payments and many others.

All of this is available in the Paysera app, designed and supported by the latest UX/UI standards.


3. Excellent terms for money transfers

Do you have business partners abroad, do you buy raw materials from neighbouring countries, or maybe you're sending money to your family or to repay a student loan abroad? This means you have to make international transfers in different currencies, which can be a costly and slow process when using traditional banks.

You can convert currencies and send money to different countries using yourPaysera account. The funds will reach the recipient faster, and the transfer will cost you less than it would at traditional banks.

We are also connected to systems such as SEPA Instant, which means that our customers can send euros to other connected banks instantly, 24 hours a day, and for free!

4. Cashback when shopping online

Do you frequently shop online? Then you might already know that you can save money when you pay for your online purchases through Paysera online banking.

If you have a Paysera account and pay at an online shop that also uses Paysera, you get up to 1% of the purchase amount back to your account. Although the amount may seem small – it's always better to get something back than nothing. How does it work?


5. 24/7 client support (you'll be interacting with real people, not robots 🤖 )

As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. We certainly don't wish for or expect any trouble, but if you are ever in need of urgent help (for example, if you have lost your card and can't block it), you can contact the Paysera client support 24 hours a day, every day, with no days off.

We offer 24-hour client support in English, as well as fourteen other languages during working hours. Keeping your money safe is our priority. And of course, this is especially important for our customers.

Don't have Paysera yet?

Open an account free of charge in minutes!


6. Many extra features

All financial institutions provide an IBAN account, a payment card, and the possibility to make money transfers. But not everyone on the market can offer the additional, unique features that Paysera has.

For example, trading physical investment gold, along with smaller features such as the option to link your card to Apple Pay and Google Pay, the split bill feature, and the opening of a joint account. These are just a few examples of the services available to all Paysera customers without any additional plans.


7. Safety and reliability

A safe and reliable financial partner is something that many people, and especially those in e-commerce, want. And that's precisely what Paysera is. We have been in business for 17 years, we are trusted by thousands of customers to process payments for their online shops, and we are licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.

It is also important to mention that Paysera is among the few companies that can claim to be profitable – we finance and earn our own money and don't have to rely on investments, and so on. More about safety >

8. Organising events?

If you are an event organiser or a frequent guest at events, you have surely heard of Paysera Tickets. It is a self-service event ticketing platform with no extra fees for customers (woohoo!) and absolutely free of charge for organisers of free events.

If you want to distribute paid tickets via Paysera Tickets, you will need to open a Paysera account. But trust us, you won't regret it.


9. FREE account and other benefits!

No premium, extra, or bonus plans – the Paysera account is free of charge for both private and business clients, and the process of opening an account is fast and simple. Even foreigners can open a Paysera account for free on the same day, whereas it can cost over 200 EUR and take days, if not weeks, at traditional banks. Detailed rates for other services >

Also, unlike most banks, Paysera does not have a bundle of services – when you become a customer, you get all available services without any strings attached.

10. All services available online

Strangely, this is still considered an advantage in 2022, yet it is completely normal for us! Paysera customers will never be asked to come to our physical customer service centre – everything from opening an account to issuing cards, managing business accounts, etc., can be done online.

Day-to-day financial services are all easily accessible on the mobile app, and we also offer online banking for the convenience of our business customers and online shops. Read about the differences between these platforms and the services available on them >


EXTRA BONUS: A convenient way to access government services!

To access Lithuanian public services such as Sodra, STI, esveikata, etc., you will most likely choose to log in through the E-Government Gateway and verify your identity through your bank. You can also find Paysera in the list of banks.

Logging in via Paysera is very convenient and secure. You can do it on the mobile app without having to remember any codes or passwords.

Logging in to state services is also important for foreigners living in Lithuania. By opening a free Paysera account, they will have access to all the services they need online. Read more >

Still hesitating? Contact our client support team if you have any questions, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn , and share your insights on the Paysera benefits that matter to you.