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The rising popularity of Paysera Tickets: Why more event organisers are choosing it

Paysera Ticket platform’s popularity is increasing among event organisers
Buying tickets for an eagerly-awaited event can be disappointing when hidden fees get in the way. Event organisers also deserve freedom and affordability when it comes to managing their tickets efficiently. To address these issues, the Paysera Tickets platform was created as an alternative that is increasingly gaining popularity. But there’s more to it. Let’s explore why more event organisers choose Paysera Tickets!

No surprises: Paysera Tickets’ affordable and transparent pricing

We all know the feeling of finding the perfect event, only to be hit with hidden fees and charges during the checkout process. Even now, there are still event ticketing platforms that follow this practice.

Paysera Tickets is here to make life easier, for both the event-goers and organisers. We believe in affordable and transparent pricing, which is why we don’t charge any unexpected fees for ticket purchases or printing. Your clients pay only what they see, and you get to enjoy their satisfaction.

But that’s not all.

Compared to other ticketing platforms, Paysera Tickets charges less and delivers more. How do we do it, you ask? By only charging fees for payment processing through our own internal system. Plus, our pricing is transparent, so you can see for yourself how much you’re saving.

Please note that different conditions may apply when payments are made via Trustly and payment cards.

Paysera Tickets pricing

Oh, and did we mention that creating and managing tickets for free events on our platform is completely free? That’s right, zero fees, no catch. Enjoy stress-free ticket management with Paysera Tickets.

Payment processing made easy

Speaking of payment processing… Affordability and transparency are just the beginning of the benefits that event organisers enjoy in terms of payment processing.

Say goodbye to waiting
No need to count days and hours until the event is over to receive the funds. With Paysera Tickets, payments for sold tickets are transferred straight to your Paysera account in real-time.

The most popular payment methods at your fingertips
Don’t lose a potential sale just because you don’t accept a particular payment method. Paysera Tickets offers a variety of popular payment methods like credit/debit cards, online banking, and more – all in one place. Your clients can pay how they want, and you get paid quickly. It’s a win-win!

International ticket sales
Paysera’s payment gateway system enables your clients to pay via international payment systems like Trustly, as well as your credit and debit card, so you don’t have to limit your ticket distribution to one market!

The power of knowing your clients

Let’s be real – it’s hard to truly know your clients. You can ask them to fill out a survey or provide feedback, but that only gives you a small glimpse into their minds.

As your trusted ticketing platform, Paysera Tickets is here to help.

We offer seamless integration with tools like Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and Google Analytics. But that’s not all – we also provide you with your clients’ contact information, so you can really get to know them and connect with them (as long as they give their permission to, of course!).

And the best part? It’s completely free of charge!

Paysera Tickets enables event organisers to use tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager

Being your own Ticket Master

Paysera Tickets is here to support you, not limit you.

This is why we give you the freedom to create, manage, and edit your events anytime you want – you don’t need a Paysera Tickets system administrator’s permission to do what’s best for you!

Want to add a new ticket type, change prices, or activate discount codes? No problem.

Need to integrate Paysera Tickets into your website? Done!

Perhaps it’s multi-use tickets, tickets for group events, season tickets, or event groups that you’re interested in? We’ve got you covered.

Plus, with the seat selection options, your clients can pick their seats, and you can even apply different pricing for different spots. 

Paysera Tickets offers flexibility to manage event tickets easier

To sum up

Paysera Tickets offers a refreshing approach to event ticketing with its affordable pricing, easy payment processing, and tools to understand your clients. Plus, the freedom to manage your tickets gives you complete control over your event planning.

If you're ready to experience hassle-free event ticketing, why not try Paysera Tickets for free? And if you have any ideas on how we can make your event ticketing experience even better, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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