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Top 10 questions about accepting online payments

Many questions pop up during the first steps into the e-commerce business. But it’s not a business if you aren’t selling anything, right? Paysera helps thousands of e-shops accept payments from customers around the world. And now we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online payment processing! 

1. Do I have to have a business account to accept online payments?

No, unless it’s required in your country. But if you are for example working as a freelancer and you have an e-shop where you sell your art, services, and so on – you don’t have to open a business account for payment processing. 

However, if you have a registered company and you want to accept payments on behalf of that legal entity – then you should open both personal and business accounts and accept payments to your company account. 

2. What payment methods should I offer to my clients?

All of them. Just kidding. But you do want to give them a wide spectrum of choice so the client does not change their mind only because they have not found an acceptable payment method in your list. 


Consider offering the most popular payment methods such as card payments or online banking. But also have some alternatives. You may want to offer payments via more international payment partners like Trustly, or enable SMS payments if your products or services don’t cost that much and are convenient to pay for by phone. See the different possible payment methods > 

3. Do I need a programmer to start accepting online payments?

No, but you will need someone who is somewhat tech-savvy or is at least willing to carefully follow provided instructions. For example, there are two ways to accept online payments via Paysera in your e-shop. First – conducting an API integration. That will require IT resources but will give you more flexibility.

However, if you have used content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc., you can use one of Paysera's ready-made and maintained plugins. They can be integrated into your e-shop by simply following detailed instructions and our video tutorials. 

Finally, you may choose to work with platforms, where you can create a website and choose Paysera for payment processing with no IT resources, just by following instructions and clicking buttons. However, it will cost you flexibility, i. e. Shopify, Ecwid, etc. 


4. How long does it take to start selling online?

Read our detailed blog post on how to start selling online. It can take anything from minutes to days – normally it takes around one business day but it depends on many factors. Let's quickly run through them. 

  • Is your e-shop ready – have you created it and uploaded all your goods and services, have you described the returns policy? Do you have a privacy policy available for the buyers to read? (this step takes as long as you want)
  • Do you need API integration or can you use one of our plugins to integrate payment processing into your store? (takes from 3 minutes if using plugins to several days in case of API integration, depending on your IT resources)
  • Have you opened a Paysera account and completed the identification process? (takes from 5 minutes to a day) 
  • Have you created a payment gateway project?  (takes from 5 minutes to a day)

Find detailed steps on how to start accepting payments on our website >

5. How much does it cost to accept online payments?

It depends on your payment gateway service provider, but if working with Paysera you can get the price explained to you in detail by contacting our sales team or visiting our website

The fee that you would pay on one transaction in total can be as little as several cents per transaction. However, it all depends on the risk of your business as well as on the amount of transactions completed on your e-shop, bank's fee, etc. See Paysera service fees.

6. How quickly will I see that the payment was made?

If you use Paysera for payment processing – successful payments will be visible in your account straight away. 


7. Should I use a payment initiation service in my e-shop?

If it’s the first time you hear about the payment initiation service – you can read more about it in our earlier blog post. Paysera provides this service to thousands of e-shops that want to save money and time, and offer their clients a possibility to pay from their bank accounts in a few clicks. 

This is also the payment method considered to be the future of payment across many countries. It is constantly getting improved by both payment processing service providers like Paysera as well as banks themselves.

Read more about Paysera payment initiation service >

To see other available payment methods – visit the Paysera Checkout page

8. Is it safe to receive money into a Paysera account? 

Definitely. Paysera is a licensed electronic payment institution supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. More than 13 000 online merchants already use Paysera and as a result we process around 70 million EUR worth of payments per month. We stick to strict security standards and are always ready to help and consult regarding any questions about our services!

9. What does the process look like to my clients? 

The payment process is quick and simple. You can see it in our DEMO version or read more info about it on our website


10. Do I need to have an e-shop to accept online payments?

Not necessarily. You can be an online merchant and accept payments when selling your goods or services via Facebook or other marketplaces. And although trading via an e-shop will give your clients the widest range of payment options – even if you don't have one, we will find a payment solution that fits your business. 


For general questions regarding prices, payment methods, benefits, conditions, etc. – contact our client support .

For technical questions regarding the API integration or plugins – reach out to our tech support team.  

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