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Summing up 2022: What has Paysera been up to?

Ah, yes, the year 2022. It was the year of our 18th birthday, and it has brought us lots of new developments, lessons, changes, and partnerships. Paysera continues to successfully navigate the turbulent waters of the fintech industry, and our commitment to providing the best services to our customers is the captain behind the wheel. Let’s talk about the details!

Status Page

Behold, the Paysera status page is here!

A year ago, we promised you an additional communication channel – a Status page. And here it is now. The status page serves as a means for Paysera to remain transparent by showing you what technical errors we’ve already fixed, what is currently being solved and what is planned for the upcoming maintenance.

In a nutshell, if you’re facing a technical issue, you can check our status page in seconds and see if we’re already fixing it. Or, if you prefer, you can do the same on our official Status Page Twitter account @payserastatus – whichever you prefer. Either way – this will save you time!

That being said, we completely understand that not all issues can be resolved just by checking the status page and in some cases client support is the best solution, but we hope that this helps you with general disruptions.

Paysera Bank Georgia

Yet another plan that was successfully finalised – Paysera is officially a licensed bank in Georgia! Not only is it the very first banking licence for Paysera, but also the first digital banking licence for Georgia.

Making a positive impact feels great!

Rebranding process

Since the very first steps of the process, we’ve been quite vocal about the renewal of Paysera’s visual identity to involve all our clients in this process and make the whole experience easy.

In 2022 there were three major milestones that we successfully achieved.

New Paysera colours and logo

Picking a new colour scheme and changing the logo may sound like an easy task to complete, but we couldn’t disagree more.

For Paysera, visual identity is more than just an appealing image. We’ve worked hard to present ourselves in the most modern and accurate way possible, which is why we took our time to not only reflect on our core values and direction, but also asked our clients for their input on how they see us.

The rest is history now, and we are proud of the results.


Paysera Tickets rebranding

As Paysera Tickets is one of our products, it’s only natural that it matches the overall identity of Paysera. However, we also wanted to visualise the uniqueness of Paysera Tickets. So that’s exactly what we did – we combined the two!

As you can see, the Paysera Tickets logo is shaped like a ticket, and it includes Paysera’s new colour palette with a refreshing addition of a bright green shade.


New Visa card designs

Remember when we mentioned that our clients were included in the Paysera rebranding process?

We’ve always said it and we’ll say it again – our clients are the driving force behind our efforts. And we want them to be proud of it, which includes them being able to proudly carry the Visa cards with the new and improved design. Paysera clients can choose from two designs – one consistent with our new branding and the other one with a Ukrainian flag.


Cash pick-up transfers in Ukraine

We were aware that there is a need for a cash pick-up transfer service – and we delivered.

Paysera clients can now make quick and easy transfers to Ukraine, where the recipient can collect the cash in specified locations. For now, the service is only available in Ukraine, but we intend to expand it to other countries too.

E-commerce Talks – to be continued

They say that all roads lead to Rome… In Paysera’s case, all roads have been leading us to E-commerce Talks for some time now.

In autumn 2022, we introduced a series of free webinars for Lithuanian audiences. The webinars featured experts in various fields who shared practical knowledge with all participants through e-commerce-related topics.

Just to name a few, the webinar series covered topics on how to start an e-commerce business, how to drive online sales with the help of social media, a quick overview of very useful tools for e-commerce, and more.

Last year, we finished the first round of the webinar series, but we’re not done yet – new webinars are on the way!

Increased limits for storage of funds

This one is the last development of the year, but it is far from being the last one in terms of significance!

Both private and business clients can now store more money in their Paysera account before the annual fee of -0.50% is applied. 10 times more money, to be more precise! Let’s talk specific numbers, shall we?

In the past, Paysera’s private clients would be charged the annual fee if they exceeded 10 000 EUR. Now, the fee only applies if the amount of 100 000 EUR is exceeded.

As for Paysera’s business clients, the annual fee would apply if they exceeded 50 000 EUR. Now our business clients can store 500 000 EUR and the fee will only apply if the amount is exceeded.

We’d also like to note that the fee is calculated from the average amount exceeding this limit per calendar month.

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