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Paysera Tickets is changing its logo!

Back in March 2022, we were overjoyed to share the new Paysera logo with you. We also promised you more changes and updates on where our brand is heading, and we’re keeping our promise. Now is the time to reveal yet another logo launch, this time – for Paysera Tickets. Let’s talk about our vision, expectations, and what the Paysera Tickets rebranding is all about.

How will rebranding affect Paysera Tickets?

As you may recall from our announcement about the Paysera logo change, our overall rebranding goal is to connect our visual identity with our values and vision for the future of Paysera. And sometimes, images speak louder than words.

Ever since we changed the Paysera logo, the visual gap between Paysera and Paysera Tickets has been obvious. Although Paysera Tickets is one of our beloved products, if it wasn’t for the name that links it to us, it would be difficult to connect the dots. These dots will finally align through the Paysera Tickets rebranding, drawing the obvious connection between one another.

We know that change may seem scary to some people, but we want to assure you – the process will be smooth and gradual, and since you’re familiar with the new Paysera logo for some months now, the change shouldn’t be too shocking. We’re starting with a new logo and slowly but steady, we’ll introduce an improved website design and other updated marketing assets. A consistent branding will make things clearer.

Finally, we do want to emphasise that although Paysera Tickets is changing its appearance, our services remain as attractive as ever – still with no administrative and hidden fees for anyone who buys tickets via our platform.


How the new colours reflect Paysera Tickets services

While Paysera Tickets will mostly adopt our current Paysera colour theme, we do plan to include a breath of fresh air that will complement it and paint a vibrant image. Our blues and green are not alone anymore – they’re joined by white and a bright green shade.

All in all, the blue and green colours represent our commitment to remain loyal to our fundamental Paysera values – integrity, experience, innovation, sustainability, and others. The introduction of white and bright green shade is here to add: “We support the diversity and liveliness of different types of events.”


We don’t just dream big

All this talk about connecting our values and services to our visual identity might sound theoretical, but we don’t just dream big – we do big, and our services speak for themselves. Paysera Tickets was designed to accommodate both event organisers and event attendees. We do not believe in sacrificing the guest’s convenience on behalf of the organiser and vice versa. We can make our event ticketing platform equally convenient for both.

The values that we named before – such as integrity, innovation, and sustainability – powered us to accommodate ALL our customers. Here’s how:

  • The event ticketing system is free of charge for the buyers – there are no hidden or administrative fees for ticket printing
  • Event organisers can create and distribute free events without any costs
  • As an event organiser, you have 100% freedom to create, manage, and track your content without waiting for our system’s approval
  • The Paysera checkout payment gateway does have fees, but because we use our own tools, we charge much less than our competitors

Let’s stay in touch

As mentioned earlier, the Paysera Tickets rebranding will be a gradual process, and we intend to deliver it without sudden twists and turns. There are even more exciting things ahead of us, and we can’t wait to share more details with you. Until then, follow us on our social media channels and sign up for Paysera newsletter to get the news first!

Paysera HQ

Paysera introduces a new logo, changes visual identity

The financial technology company Paysera launches a new logo and new tagline: One app – endless possibilities. This change reflects the shift of services to a super app and the geographical expansion into global markets.


This is what Paysera has planned for 2022

Planning ahead in a fast-changing and highly competitive business environment is both essential and impossible. On one hand – we need to have a clear vision and plans so our teams know what they are working on and where the company is heading, the clients, what to expect, on the other hand – we must be flexible enough to take up any spontaneous ideas that will have a "now or never" moment in the market. With these points in consideration – we invite you to take a sneak peek at a small part of what we are expecting to launch in early 2022, and much more is still coming.

Kostas Noreika

How to create an event in the Paysera Tickets self-service system?

Organising events can be a truly challenging job. The road from idea to venue decorations can be tricky and bumpy, and when it seems like you're finally all done, you might still need to sell tickets, register participants, check them in, and so on.🤯 Fortunately, you can create your own event in just a few minutes on the Paysera Tickets self-service system and start selling tickets straight away.