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New service! Send money for cash pickup

The long-awaited service is finally here. From now on, all Paysera clients can make cash pickup transfers to Ukraine at great prices. It’s simple, fast, and convenient. More recipient countries to follow soon.

What are cash pickup transfers?

Cash pickup transfers are transfers made online by the sender of funds and are picked up as cash by the recipient in another country. In order to make a transfer, the sender only needs to know the full name and date of birth of the recipient – making it extra simple and convenient.

This service doesn't even require the recipient to have a bank account, as the money is simply picked up from dedicated cash withdrawal locations by them providing their passport and cash pickup code.

That is why these types of transfers are suitable for a number of occasions:

  • Sending money to the elderly, who might not know how to use online banking;
  • Sending money as a surprise, since you don’t need to ask for a person’s IBAN;
  • Sending money to those who might not have a bank account or don’t know how to use it;
  • Sending money to someone who is travelling in Ukraine, since an international passport is accepted for cash pickup;
  • Sending money urgently and not losing it all on high fees;
  • Sending money back home to your family, etc.

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How does it work?

Sending and receiving money for cash pickup is easy even for those who don’t usually do money transfers.

First, the sender (who must be a Paysera client) fills out a transfer form by entering the recipient's name, surname, and date of birth. All of this is done via Then the sender makes a transfer in euro and within 10 minutes receives an automatically generated cash pickup code. The sender shares the cash pickup code with the recipient. Finally, the recipient goes to one of the cash pic-up locations, shows their ID, internal or international passport, provides the cash pick-up code, and is issued money.

Must-know essentials about cash pickup transfers:

  • Only transfers to Ukraine are currently performed
  • The sender must have a Paysera account
  • Transfers can only be done via
  • The transfer is done in euro, but currency conversion might be available at pick-up points upon request
  • The cash pickup code is generated within approximately 10 minutes
  • The recipient has to be at least 18-years-old
  • The recipient does not have to have a bank account if the transfer is made within limits
  • Money can be picked up from various IPS Globus Bank locations
  • There are limits and fees that apply to such transfers
  • The recipient must have an ID card or internal/international passport to take out cash.

Where can I send the money to?

At the moment, cashing out will only be possible in Ukraine (IPS Globus Bank locations). Eventually, Paysera is planning to integrate more banks and countries into this service.

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