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New service! Top up your Paysera account with Mastercard or Maestro

Paysera klientai jau dabar gali papildyti savo Paysera sąskaitą su Mastercard arba Maestro kortele
We know that our clients like their financial services a certain way – quicker, simpler, and more efficient. And we’re here to deliver, this time with a new method to top up your Paysera account! Let’s have an overview of everything you need to know about it – from the key benefits to how to start using the functionality.

New service enabled by a new partnership

Being able to use a Mastercard or Maestro card to top up your Paysera account in seconds sounds great, doesn’t it?

But behind every new service, there's a significant amount of work from our dedicated staff, as well as strategic partnerships that make it all possible. As the saying goes, “No man is an island”. This rings true in business too – collaboration is the key to our collective strength.

So, it's with great pleasure that we announce our collaboration with Quipu, an IT consultancy and software development company. This partnership has made it possible for Paysera clients to top up their accounts even quicker.

Why is this great news to you?

Where do we even start? Sure, there’s the speed part – you can top up your Paysera account in mere seconds, anytime. That’s right – this feature is available 24/7. But there's plenty more to discuss.

For instance, if you’re unable to use SEPA Instant or you’re located outside the EU and EEA – this will save you a lot of time.

And did we mention the security part? Mastercard and Maestro are well-known for their safety-first reputation, and with good reason.

As of now, Paysera clients can top up their accounts in 3 different ways: a bank transfer, at a physical location, or by using a Mastercard or Maestro card.

Just remember: there are fees involved for the card top-up option. So, before you proceed, make sure you’re familiar with the fees so you can make an informed decision. Rest assured, the fees will always be displayed for you before you confirm the top-up.

Kaip papildyti Paysera sąskaitą?

You may have a few questions

Just to get ahead of things, we assume that you’ll have a few practical questions about this new service, so let’s talk about them.

Can Mastercard or Maestro card be used from any country to top up my Paysera account?

Any country where Mastercard or Maestro cards are issued, yes!


Will there be a notification after topping up the Paysera account using Mastercard or Maestro?

Absolutely! We strive to eliminate any uncertainty regarding the successful topping up of your account. To achieve this, we send out a push notification as a confirmation of a successful transaction.


Is the service available on the Paysera app or online banking?

As of writing this blog post, the service is available on the Paysera app only, but don’t worry – very soon it will be available for online banking too!


Is the service available for both iOS and Android users?

There’s no way we’re going to leave out one or the other. So yes, the service is available for both iOS and Android users!

How to top up a Paysera account using Mastercard or Maestro?

We weren’t kidding when we said that it’ll take seconds to top up your Paysera account using Mastercard or Maestro. And the process to do it is just as simple. Allow us to demonstrate!

To top up your Paysera account using Mastercard or Maestro via the app:

  1. Login to your account and select Top Up;
  2. Select the account you want to top up, your country, and the top-up currency;
  3. Under TOP-UP METHOD, tap Card payment;
  4. Enter the amount;
  5. Tap I agree to the Top-up rules;
  6. Tap Continue.

Keep in mind that the minimum amount with the fee is 1 EUR.

Kaip papildyti Paysera sąskaitą naudojant Mastercard arba Maestro kortelę per Paysera programėlę?

If you face any problems – we’re just a call (or email) away!

This is a new functionality and we understand that you might have questions about it. If you’re unable to top up your Paysera account using Mastercard or Maestro – contact our client support team and we’ll be happy to help.

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