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How to send money to Ukraine?

As the war in Ukraine escalates daily, the country needs more foreign support to keep on fighting. One of the ways people can help is by sending money either to local NGOs who then provide it to those in need or by sending money directly to charities in Ukraine or family members stuck in the country. 

Read the Paysera guide on how to send money to Ukraine and make sure the recipient gets the maximum amount without losing tons to the middle man!

When would I need to send money to Ukraine?

💙 Humanitarian help. One of the reasons why one would want to make an international transfer to Ukraine is to provide help to those stuck there because of the war. Lately, millions are sent to various local and international NGOs every day, which later on provide the necessary goods to the Ukrainian people fighting for freedom.

💼 Business trade deals. Countries like Poland, Lithuania, Romania, and others have strong business ties to Ukraine. Therefore, many companies from these countries send money to Ukraine on a daily basis to pay for goods and services provided by the locals.

👨‍👩‍👦 Money for family. Another common case when people send money to Ukraine periodically is if they work in a foreign country and send their salary back to their families. This is especially relevant now when Ukrainian families scattered across different countries are trying to help each other by all means necessary.

Free money transfers to Ukraine 🇺🇦
Until June 17, 2022

Although Paysera does not currently support the Ukrainian currency hryvnia UAH just yet (but we will soon!), you can send euros to Ukraine just as conveniently. And now – it’s free. 

That’s right, in order to help the people of Ukraine to receive the maximum amount of money transferred by those who are willing to help – we have removed the previous 7 EUR fee from all euro transfers to the country.  However, we cannot guarantee that the recipient’s bank will not apply any> The discount is available until June 17, 2022


How to send euros to Ukraine? 📲

In order to send money to Ukraine via Paysera, you must have a free Paysera account. Follow the instructions below to open an account and make your first transfer. This applies to both our private and business clients. If you already have a Paysera account – jump straight to the 4th step.

  1. Download the Paysera app and register (all free of charge, no monthly account fees, no premium memberships). How to register? 
  2. Complete the identity verification ✅
  3. Send some money to your Paysera account. You will be provided with an IBAN number for regular bank transfers in euro or you can make international transfers in other currencies. How to top up your account?
  4. Send euros to a bank in Ukraine. Open the app, head to Transfers, and choose New Transfer > Bank Transfer.  Enter the recipient's details, the amount, specify the purpose of payment, and confirm the transfer. 
    To perform a transfer you will need the recipient's IBAN. Ukrainian IBANs will start with UA and will consist of 29 characters in total. 
    If you have entered the recipient’s IBAN correctly – the SWIFT/BIC code will be filled in automatically for you. 

How long does a transfer to Ukraine take?

If using Paysera, a transfer to a Ukrainian bank will be free of charge and will take up to 3 business days. Most banks accept transfers in major currencies like the euro, but double-check as euro payments can be made only to banks that are participants of the TARGET2 system

How do you send money to a Paysera user in Ukraine? 

However, the best way to send money to Ukraine is to send it from your Paysera account to your recipient's Paysera account, if they have one. Transfers between Paysera users are mostly free and take only seconds. Also, you can send them in all currencies supported by Paysera.

Send cash to Ukraine at great prices

Paysera also enables money cash pickup transfers in Ukraine. This is a new service enabling Paysera clients to send money to their relatives, friends, or partners in Ukraine who don't necessarily have Paysera or any other bank account. All that is needed for the transfer is the recipient's name, surname, and date of birth. To pick the money up, the recipient should provide their internal or international passport or ID card and the cash pickup code.

Limits regarding the amount per month apply, you can see them all on our website. However, the transfers are really fast and have great prices - so they're definitely worth checking out, especially if you're sending money to the elderly or those who are not too savvy with tech and online banking.
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What is a SWIFT (BIC) code?

A SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code is a code used to identify a money recipient’s country, bank, and bank branch where the account is registered. Paysera's SWIFT code is EVIULT2VXXX and it’s the same for every client of Paysera. This code is often requested when making an international transfer and in this blog post, we explain why that is. 


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