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What’s it like to work at Paysera as a parent?

Are you a working parent? Or maybe you fearfully anticipate being one? At Paysera, around 50% of employees, including those in management positions, are not only great colleagues at work but also proud parents at home. Therefore, in response to the upcoming Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days, we have interviewed some of them and asked about their experience in finding that perfect work-life balance when working in tech. 

The work-life balance score reached its peak 

Finding a perfect work-life balance when working in the tech sector sounds both crucial and sometimes almost impossible. It is no coincidence that the recent Apple TV series 'Severance' took that concept to the extreme and nailed it. Managing personal and professional lives becomes even more difficult when having a child. But at Paysera, we take it seriously and dare we say – succeed. 

According to the latest employee engagement survey, Paysera's work-life balance quality got a 9 out of 10 score – the highest of all the ratings among the employees. 


It comes as no surprise, since in recent years Paysera introduced perks such as remote working possibilities for the majority of employees, free workations and holidays abroad, etc. All of these were positively welcomed by various teams, of course, but were especially appreciated by working parents, who are often so tied to their little ones who, for example, can get sick and need someone to stay with them at home. 

Moreover, since many employees in managerial positions at Paysera are parents themselves – there is a common company-wide understanding of the needs parents might have on a daily basis and they are always respected. 


Parents come with irreplaceable skills

Rūta Masionienė, Head of HR and Talent Development

The Head of Paysera Human Resources and Talent Development Rūta Masionienė shared her views on employees who come back or join teams after parental leave. “We have noticed that mothers who are coming back from maternity leave are very often extremely motivated, highly engaged, and really agile – making them a perfect fit for a dynamic tech environment. Moreover, we can sense that during their absence from the workforce they longed for team building and outings, and often came back to their workplaces eager to take an active part in various projects and company events, which of course creates a great atmosphere and enhances the feeling of community.

Not to mention that most parents often have great empathy and organisational and effective troubleshooting skills that are very much needed and can definitely make a difference both during job interviews when applying for a position and during day-to-day work life. Therefore I always encourage young parents to be more confident about coming back to the workforce after parental leave and be proud of the skills they gained or deepened when bringing up their little ones – as no university degree will give you that experience,” says Rūta.

“Mama, I will be the CEO of Paysera, when I grow up”

Rasa Gruodytė, Head of the Paysera Sales team, will celebrate her 10 year anniversary at Paysera this year. Her son is 12. Rasa remembers days when her then 2-year-old was running under the tables in the office. Today the boy often says to his mother: "I too will work at Paysera as a programmer. No no, mama, I will be the CEO of Paysera, when I grow up".
Rasa Gruodytė, Head of Sales, and Dominykas – the future CEO of Paysera :)

Rasa: “During these 10 years there were all kinds of situations where my work and personal life clashed. For example, not once have I had to take my son to a work meeting. And thankfully, I was always surprised by how well the meetings went, as he would always find something to talk about with the clients, and would put everyone at ease instantly.

It was never a problem at Paysera, and if there ever were situations where I had to stay home or adjust my work schedule to accommodate my child – I would always appreciate the flexible working hours and remote working possibility, which is a norm at the company.”


Parental leave is never a step back – only forward

Leonardas Konošovas, LEAN Executive Officer

As paternal leaves are becoming more common among fathers too (at least in Lithuania) – Paysera employees are also taking advantage of it. Leonardas Konošovas, LEAN Executive Officer at Paysera, was one of a few fathers who took a break from work to spend more time with their newborn.

After coming back to Paysera, Leonardas not only got a better position career-wise but was also able to come back as a part-time employee and work from home if needed. These adjustments allowed him to find that perfect work-life balance, save commuting time, and later on use it for his family.

Time has a huge value when you are a parent

Aleksas Rozentalis, Public Relations Manager at Paysera, is also a father. For him, the biggest advantage of working at the company is not just the flexible working hours but also the fact that overtime can be accumulated and used up later. "For example, if you stay overtime one day – those hours do not disappear anywhere. You can simply leave early the next day or take a day off, which is very useful for anyone, especially a parent," he says.

"Another advantage is that your personal time is very respected here. When I joined Paysera, it was probably the first time that I went on a three week holiday and nobody called me during my time off. I could completely relax and enjoy my spare time."

Aleksas was also one of 20 people who went on the Paysera holiday to Cape Verde in 2021. Whilst most company workations last for 2-3 weeks, which is often not suitable for parents, last year Paysera also introduced a shorter holiday-type of trip that lasts a week and is popular amongst those who have children.

“There are also plenty of short trips and activities organised by work that are also very suitable for parents. Before the war, we visited the beautiful ski slopes of Ukraine, for example. This kind of trip would be very difficult with a small child but becomes a nice short getaway when organised by work,” said Aleksas.

Aleksas Rozentalis, PR manager (standing on the right) on the Paysera trip to Bukovel skiing resort in Ukraine

Goal – more inclusiveness for families

The Head of Paysera HR Rūta Masionienė also commented that the company aims to increase the inclusiveness of working moms and dads as well as their families.

Children and Paysera employees during the Easter Egg Hunt event at the Paysera office, Vilnius

Just a few weeks ago, Paysera employees together with their children were participating in the Easter Egg Hunt games at the Paysera HQ in Vilnius. More events of this kind are planned for the future and all passionate professionals with or without children are always welcome to join the team. Check open positions >

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