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Paysera celebrates Women’s Day with a 50/50 diversity score!

While the global fintech industry is sounding the alarm about a lack of diversity in the industry, Paysera celebrates Women’s Day by being loud and proud about its statistics. As of this year, more than half of the positions in Paysera are held by female employees. Keep on reading to find out more 👇 

A quick look at the statistics 

Based on the data from February 2022, Paysera currently employs 287 talents, 147 of which are females. Moreover, out of 25 management positions, a grand total of 14 are also held by women. See open positions at Paysera > 

These statistics are something not very common in tech companies globally, where women often account for as little as 30 per cent of employees. This percentage is even lower when looking at senior positions.


Natural inclusion is the key

Rūta, Recruitment and HR specialist

Rūta: “Looking at most fintech companies being a man’s world, it is truly safe to say that our company is gender diverse. We have as many females (if not a tiny bit more) as we have males working at our company and we are super happy that we came to this balanced result very naturally.

At Paysera, females fill roles of HR, lawyers, accounting specialists, and customer service representatives, but what really excites us is that we also have women filling complex IT positions and a lot of female leads driving their teams and the company to success – more than half of the managers at our company are women!

When selecting talents, our top priority is a cultural fit and key competence.  We are happy to have so many strong candidates in terms of skill and personality - both men and women - and to be able to welcome more into our Paysera family.

Gender diversity in our team comes naturally to us and we are determined to keep that up.”

Why is diversity in all sectors crucial?

Yasmeen, Marketing outreach specialist

Yasmeen: “In Yemen, where I am from, Women’s Day is also widely celebrated. Usually, it is marked at work, where female employees have small parties and receive modest gifts and greeting cards.

Since I am now working in Lithuania, on days like these I often think not only about gender diversity but about diversity as a whole. I believe that diversity allows us to have access to different perspectives and ideas that we can benefit from in all aspects of our life. More diverse teams mean that we can serve more diverse clients in a language and manner that they are familiar with.

So I think it is no coincidence that international companies have great success partly because of the variety of experts they have across all genders, religions, and races.”

Women in IT are no longer strangers

Eunice, Android developer

Eunice: “While working in IT myself, I am always glad to see more and more young women enter the world of programming, engineering, and computer science.

Women are naturally born to be resilient and we must use this strength to empower one another. We should help each other reach our full potential despite rejections that we might encounter along the way. That is also what I try to do as a colleague.

I am glad that while working at Paysera I never had to prove my worth other than doing my best at completing tasks, giving feedback, and sharing ideas on how to improve the product. I know that there are many companies and countries where experience is not enough. Thankfully, the IT sector is so much in need of talent that this high demand really leaves no space for any discrimination, which hopefully soon will all be gone.”

Having the courage to fail is a virtue

Žydrūnė, Deputy CEO 

Žydrūnė: “We live in a society where not so long ago, there was a strict line between male and female roles in society. And although this distinction is still present in some countries, in the Western world at least people are more often than not being judged by their skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, and value they bring to society. And I am happy to live in these times to witness this change. 

Also, needless to say, I am more than proud to be among many other talented women holding senior positions at Paysera. We have very few all-male or all-female teams, and every single one of the employees was invited to join the company due to their skillset and mindset matching those required for the position.

Finally, I will use this opportunity to wish all fellow females to have faith in themselves, courage to take things into their own hands, and to go for their ideas without the fear of failure or falling.”

All aboard? Join the Paysera team! 

We are positive that after getting to know us a little bit better it is quite clear that we value talents no matter their gender, race, religion, or ethnicity. We are passionate about innovating our product, we collaborate with each other with utmost respect and professionalism, and we work hard to make tomorrow better for both our clients and our colleagues. 

So if this sounds like something you could see yourself in and if you thrive in a dynamic environment and in an international team – check out our open positions!

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