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How to send money to Albania? 

From now on, Paysera clients can send and receive Albanian Lek (ALL). It adds to the already long list of currencies supported by Paysera. Keep on reading and find out how to make transfers and convert it at great rates! 

How to convert money to Albanian Lek in Paysera? 

You can convert funds to Albanian Lek (ALL) in seconds via the Paysera mobile app. Log in to the app > in the menu on the bottom choose Transfers > tap on Currency exchange > select which currency you want to sell and buy, and voilà! 


Paysera offers great currency exchange rates for all its users. No premium accounts needed. The best rate offered by Paysera (close to the one you see on Google) is applied for private clients when exchanging up to 1000 EUR/month. 

Meanwhile, business clients can benefit when exchanging more than 5000 EUR at once – a rate better than the normal one will automatically be applied.

And in case your business is trading with foreign countries and exchanges larger sums on a monthly basis – contact us, and we will offer you an exchange rate that will be difficult to refuse.

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How to send Albanian Lek via Paysera? 

If you want to send money to an Albanian bank, you can easily do it via the Paysera app. Log in to the app > in the menu on the bottom choose Transfers > tap on New transfer > Bank transfer > and enter the recipient details. 

On the transfer review screen you will be asked whether you want to convert your money to Albanian Lek (ALL). 

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How to top up your Paysera account? 

If you have just joined Paysera and want to top up your account, let’s say in Albanian Lek, you should generate top-up instructions. To do that, log in to the app > tap on Top Up > choose the country and the currency in which you want to top up. 

After you get the top-up instructions, follow them carefully. You will see that the recipient that you need to enter when making a transfer is not your name but, for example, Paysera Albania. However, for the purpose of payment field you will enter your Paysera EVP number. 

It means that you will send money to the Paysera Albania account in one of the Albanian banks first, then the equivalent amount will be credited from the Paysera account to your one. This makes transfers cheaper and faster across countries. 

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