Benefits and possibilities

Secure online shopping

The Paysera payment card is protected by 3D Secure technology, which gives the card holder free additional protection when paying online. 3D Secure helps protect you from unauthorized card transactions, as each online purchase must be verified additionally.

Quick payments in stores

When you pay a small amount at points of sale that have NFC card readers, you no longer need to enter a PIN, just place the card next to the reader.

Cash operations and currencies

The main currency of the card is euro, but there is also a possibility to make payments or cash out in other currencies, like USD, GBP or else. Cash withdrawal is possible at any ATM which services VISA payment cards. When cashing out in EUR, select "Proceed without conversion". This way you will avoid extra charges for money conversion. Non-euro withdrawals are applied with additional currency conversion charges.
Cash operation fees can be found here.

Separate IBAN account for card

When issuing a Paysera card, an additional, billing-only account is opened. It is separated from the main Paysera account, so it's convenient to control your funds and keep it safe for card payments only.

Monitor your money flows on the phone

With Paysera mobile application you can see the balance on your main and card accounts and form statements. Perform transfers to banks or make instant money transfers between Paysera accounts free of any charges or limits.

Card ordering

Order the card by logging into your account.

How to start?

Open Paysera account
Complete identification
After you have logged in to the system, select "Paysera Visa" and order a card