Escrow account fees

Escrow agreement conclusion

(except Paysera Bank Georgia clients)

Escrow account fees depend on the type of goods or services being traded. Fees applicable to real estate or domain transactions are different than those applicable to goods or services of a different type. 

Agreement One-off fee Minimum fee
Standard agreement 0,50% 100 EUR
Real estate agreement 0,25% 250 EUR
Domain agreement 0,50% 10 EUR

Transaction payment

(except Paysera Bank Georgia clients)

Payment method Fee
By card 2,5%
PIS (payment initiation service) free
Bank transfer free

Other services

(except Paysera Bank Georgia clients)

Service Fee
Change of agreement 100 EUR
Certificate regarding funds on an escrow account 2,0 EUR
Purchase price unlimited

Escrow service fees for Paysera Bank Georgia clients

  Legal entities Individuals
Escrow service fee

0.25 % Min. 100 GEL; Max. 5000 GEL.

Change of agreement – 300 GEL

Escrow currency – GEL

Purchase price – unlimited