Escrow account 

A secure way to buy and sell goods and services.

Temporarily hold the payment for goods and services in a third-party escrow account for smooth and secure trade between buyer and seller.


What is an Escrow account?

An escrow is a financial agreement between a buyer and a seller, when a third party – in this case Paysera LT – holds the funds of the transaction until all sides of the trade deal fulfill the agreement.

This gives a sense of security not only to the buyer but also to the seller, as the parties no longer need to decide on questions such as ‘what comes first – the payment or the purchase?’ When using the escrow account, the whole process of the trade is described in great detail, is transparent, and performed on the basis of the bilateral agreement and monitoring.

Benefits of the Paysera Escrow account

Guaranteed safety for both buyer and seller

Buyer and seller protection

Opening a shared escrow account for a specific deal is black and white protection not only for the buyer,  who knows that they will not lose money even if they don’t receive a purchase, but also for the seller, who no longer needs to worry when delivering goods and services before receiving money. 

Wide spectrum of goods and services

Paysera offers escrow services not only for big purchases (such as real estate) but also for smaller transactions – buying or selling electronics, furniture, refurbishment services, and more. 

Easy and transparent process

Opening an escrow account is quick, easy, and clear. During the whole process the account will be visible to all sides of the agreement.

Safe and acknowledged Escrow agent

Paysera is a well-known and experienced finance institution, as well as a leader in e-shop payment processing in the Baltics. The company assures safe and smooth management of both simple and more complex trade cases. 

When can you use an Escrow? 

Using escrow services is especially useful when making big purchases that require sending goods, transferring rights, or exchanging valuables that require authenticity certificates, etc.

Most often people use escrow accounts to buy or sell goods and services such as: 

  • Real estate
  • Land or water transport
  • Antiques
  • Art
  • Jewellery
  • Domains or websites
  • Refurbishment services
  • Electronics
  • Other purchases that often require contracts. 

How does Escrow work?

1. Buyer and Seller sign an agreement.

The buyer and seller agree on the terms of sale and make a trilateral agreement between the payer, the receiver of funds, and the escrow agent – Paysera LT. An escrow account is opened for this trade deal. Both the seller and the buyer must become Paysera clients.

2. Buyer sends funds to the Paysera escrow account.

The buyer transfers money for the purchase to the Paysera escrow account. Paysera confirms receiving the funds. All sides have read-only access to the account, and only Paysera can access the money itself and transfer it to the seller’s or the buyer’s accounts.

3. Seller sends goods or services to the buyer.

The seller delivers the goods or services, the way it was agreed on in the contract. Once it’s done – the seller provides Paysera with documents confirming the dispatching of the goods.

4. Buyer confirms receiving the purchase in good condition.

The buyer confirms receiving the purchase, as well as receiving it on time and in good condition.

5. Paysera releases the funds to the seller.

Paysera LT moves money from the escrow account to the seller’s account.


Unsuccessful trade and refunds

If the trade is unsuccessful, the money is returned to the buyer. The trade is considered unsuccessful, if it does not stick to the agreement.

For example:

  • Purchase was not delivered on time;
  • Purchase was not delivered;
  • Purchase did not match promised quality;
  • The seller cannot provide the necessary documents, etc. 

In this case, Paysera LT returns the money to the buyer. The refund is complete, once the defective goods are returned to the seller. The return of the purchase (if it was ever received) will also have to be proven with the necessary documentation.

Terms and conditions

The escrow service fee can be covered by any of the trading parties, or it can be split into agreed parts. Either way, the money to cover the fee will be deducted from the funds held in the escrow account, no additional payment will be needed.

The escrow service fee is determined individually for every trade deal and is made upon agreement from all three sides: the buyer, the seller, and Paysera LT – the escrow agent.

See preliminary fees on the Paysera pricelist page. Before signing an agreement, carefully read the terms and conditions of the escrow account.

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