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How to reopen your Paysera account?

How to reopen your Paysera account?
If you’re reading this blog post, we just want to start by saying that it means a lot to us that you’re considering coming back. We know that there might be some confusion about the procedure, so keep reading and we’ll make sure that your comeback is as smooth as possible!

A small disclaimer

It’s not a cause for concern, just a small piece of additional information, but we just want you to know that if you previously had a verified Paysera account and are looking to create a new one, unfortunately, you won't be able to use the same credentials as before to register your new account.

This is simply because we limit our users to one Paysera account per person.

Now, you might ask, "Why is that so?" Well, it's all in the name of providing you with a more secure and simplified experience. Trust us, juggling two accounts can be twice as tricky, both in terms of ensuring your account's safety and managing your finances effectively.

The process to reopen your Paysera account

Because you closed your previous Paysera account, we’ll need to go through the identity verification process again. We’re sure you understand that this is for the sake of safety.

As soon as you've completed this quick process, we'll have your account up and running again. And to make sure everything is up-to-date, we'll also update your account with your current phone number.

And that's it! Once all these steps are done, you'll be able to log back into your Paysera account.

Quick and easy process to reopen Paysera account.

How to complete identification?

You already know us – we’re flexible when it comes to the identification process! You don’t have to go all the way to our client service centre in Vilnius – although you’re totally welcome if you want to. If it suits you better, we can definitely arrange a short video call with you instead. All you need to do is just familiarise yourself with a few rules, give us a call so we can schedule the perfect time, and show up!

We’ve covered the topic of how to prepare for a video call with Paysera in more detail in another blog post, so if this is the option that you’re considering – be sure to check it out. Everything you need to know is there

And finally… Welcome back!

It’s truly great to have you back and thanks for choosing Paysera again! If you face any difficulties with our products and services, our client support team is always ready to listen and we're always striving to better ourselves based on your feedback. So feel free to reach out, we're here for you every step of the way!

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