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How to maximise event organising? Try the Paysera Tickets ‘Event Groups’ feature!

Paysera Tickets event groups feature can enhance event organising.
Imagine having a free tool specifically designed to optimise your event promotion efforts. Intriguing, isn't it? We are eager to share details about the Paysera Tickets ‘Event Groups’ feature. This tool enhances your event or tour visibility and makes your promotion strategy more efficient. Let's dive in and explore how you can leverage this to your advantage.

What is it and how does it work?

The 'Event Groups' feature on Paysera Tickets is designed to group the events you organise into a single, convenient location. Think of it as a YouTube playlist of your upcoming events to grasp the concept better.

You'll be able to see these grouped events on each specific event's page and they can even share the same link. Plus, the events you choose to group don't necessarily have to be new ones – existing events can also be incorporated into these groups.

This is an excellent solution if you organise recurring events, such as concert tours, comedy tours, or excursions.

An example of Paysera Tickets ‘Event Groups’ functionality.

This is an excellent solution if you organise recurring events, such as concert tours, comedy tours, or excursions.

The benefits of the ‘Event Groups’ feature

There are multiple benefits to this feature and it would truly be a shame not to take advantage of something that’s so easy to access and use.

It costs nothing

We presume you're already aware that Paysera Tickets operates as a free platform, where fees only apply for payment processing. Consistent with all other features available on the platform, this feature is also free to use. Why not optimise its potential to its fullest? After all, it won't cost you anything.

Easier for attendees to navigate and potentially repeat attendance

We've touched on how beneficial our functionality can be if you're someone who organises recurring events. But why is it so ideal? Well, if you're in charge of events like concert tours or anything else that involves multiple dates and locations, our functionality can simplify things for your potential attendees. It allows them to effortlessly pick a date that suits their schedule.

Furthermore, if you run different types of events and your audience expresses interest in one, they'll likely be curious about your other offerings too. When you group similar events with our functionality, you're essentially offering your attendees a personalised list of recommended events.

Streamlined process and enhanced marketing

As mentioned before, creating a group for your events allows you to share a single link for all. This eliminates the need to separately advertise each event, making the process significantly more manageable. Not to mention, it greatly improves the user experience as all related events will be clearly shown on each individual event's page.

Why the Paysera Tickets ‘Event Groups’ feature is beneficial for event organisers.

Case example

If you haven’t used Paysera Tickets and this functionality before, it’s probably difficult for you to imagine what it looks like in the first place. So let’s have a look at a real-life example, shall we?

In the image below, you can see Drink & Draw events grouped together. As you can see, the events in the group are the same, just with different dates. This gives potential event attendees the opportunity to pick the best date and get a ticket, instead of leaving with a disappointed frown after realising that they couldn’t make it.

Example of the Paysera Tickets ‘Event Groups’ feature.
Paysera Tickets event ticketing platform.

Ready to try it out and see for yourself?


How to create Paysera Tickets event groups?

So you got the idea now, right? Perhaps you’re even ready to try it out? Allow us to show you how it’s done from the technical point of view.

  1. Log in to your account > go to My Event Groups;
  2. Select to create a new group – you can create new events for it and use existing or upcoming events;
  3. Enter the name of the event group, description, and, optionally, add an image to represent the whole group;
  4. Click on the ADD EVENT button;
  5. Press Save and have a preview of how the page of all events in the group will look.
How to create Paysera Tickets event groups?

Any questions or suggestions for us?

We're all ears if you have any questions about Paysera Tickets or if there's something you think we could do better. We're constantly working hard to make your and your customers' experience with us as positive as possible. So, don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can do to assist you!

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