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Meet Paysera at Mobile World Congress! 

The Paysera team is already packing its bags before the takeoff to Barcelona, Spain, where company representatives will participate in a 4-day-long Mobile World Congress event. During the networking sessions, the team is hoping to meet its future business partners and has an open call to anyone interested in mingling.

Mobile World Congress 2021 🇪🇸

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, is the largest mobile industry and technology event in the world with over 109,000 visitors, bringing together the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology from more than 2,400 companies.

This year the conference will take place June 28-July 1 and Paysera representatives will be there as well – available to meet potential business partners as well as international and local e-commerce merchants. 

Who can I meet? 🤝

At the event, Paysera will be represented by some of the most experienced members of their team – among which will also be the company co-founder and shareholder Kostas Noreika and the international business development manager Marius Pareščius.

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Together with the team from the Paysera HQ in Lithuania, the event will also be attended by Paysera Spain representatives who will be willing to talk to various local online merchants looking for innovative payment solutions for their businesses. 

How to book a meeting? 

If you want to secure a slot to chat with any of the Paysera team representatives – fill out the meeting request form  and we will contact you shortly. 

Even if you can’t attend the event – do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange an online call or an informal meeting outside the event hall. 

See you soon! 

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Paysera HQ

Paysera Albania secures an electronic money licence!

The Central Bank of Albania has granted an electronic money institution (EMI) licence to Paysera Albania, making it the third country in the Paysera Network to secure this licence. Other licences are currently held by the Network pioneer Paysera Lithuania as well as Paysera Kosova.