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How to add a new identity document on Paysera?

How to add a new identity document on Paysera?
Are you nearing the deadline to verify your identity? Or maybe your document is on the brink of expiration? While these minor tasks may initially seem bothersome, they actually require minimal time and effort – we guarantee! We’ve created an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that will help you get it done smoothly.

Why does Paysera ask for your identity document?

Here at Paysera, your trust means the world to us! As an electronic money institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania, we're required to know our clients a little bit better. That's why we ask for your valid identity document – it's all part of our promise to maintain the highest standards and regulations.

But don't worry, we don’t take your privacy for granted. We handle your personal data responsibly, according to Lithuanian laws and our own stringent privacy policy.

In a nutshell, providing us with this information ensures that your Paysera journey remains smooth and uninterrupted.

How to upload identity documents via the web?

Uploading your identity document to the Paysera system is simple and convenient. All it requires is a computer with a camera. Below, we detail the steps for both updating an expired document and for first-time uploads.

To replace an expired document:

Log in to your Paysera account > choose Upload New Document when you see the expiration message.

For first-time uploads of your identity document:

  1. After logging in to your account, navigate to Settings and then Profile Settings;
  2. Select ID documents > Submit a new document > Upload identity documents;
  3. From the Upload identity documents section, select either Perform using my computer's webcam or Perform via the Paysera Mobile App > Continue;
  4. If you choose to use your computer's camera, simply take a photo and submit it;
  5. If you chose the Paysera app, refer to the instructions within the app and follow them to capture and submit a photo.
Steps to upload identity documents on Paysera via a web browser.

How to upload identity documents via the Paysera app?

If the Paysera app is your platform of choice for uploading identity documents, you're in luck! This straightforward process can easily be done within the app itself.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in and tap ⚙️.
  2. Under your name, select View my profile;
  3. Under My Documents, select Identity documents;
  4. Select the document issue country and the type of identity document – passport or identity card;
  5. Tap Continue;
  6. Take a picture of your document and upload it.
Steps to upload identity documents on Paysera via the Paysera app.

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