K. Noreika speaking ar a conference

A good business idea is not enough. But we can offer more

Starting your own business does not necessarily mean you have to start it from scratch or have a unique business idea. Today, there is a possibility to launch a company with a shortcut that can quickly put you in the fast lane.

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Scammer speaking to a man

How to make sure you speak to Paysera and not mobile scammers?

Modern scammers can sound very professional – speak politely and seem sophisticated, know your name, and even wish you a nice day after ripping you off. But don’t let them fool you.

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graph with icons

Will work from home become the new norm?

Since the public health situation is improving, we can share our impressions about working from home already from our comfy office chairs with an unlimited supply of coffee. And yet we are still left wondering – is this it? Or will this working model now become the new norm?

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A man speaking from a computer screen

Remote work: is it a good time to start a new job?

For almost a month now we have been operating an international fintech from home. Nonetheless, the systems are up and running and we are constantly looking for more people. So, if you ever wondered whether it’s a good time to change jobs – we confidently say YES. 

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People colouring a giant easter egg

Alternative Easter: All you need to know about spending the holidays at home 

Easter is approaching and we're all thinking about our family members and loved ones that we normally spend these holidays with. However, this year the best present for them will be keeping them safe by staying at home. Meanwhile, we will make sure that the pocket money for your grandchildren or little presents for your loved ones reach their accounts before Easter morning.

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People from different social groups

Everyone unites to fight the consequences of the quarantine

Since the quarantine was extended, more private businesses join forces and try to help not just their employees but also other people, medics, and NGOs in need. Paysera, too, steps in to ease the crisis.

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arrow up above notebook and phone

E-shop numbers jump amid the national quarantines

After the announcement of the nationwide quarantines, many companies had to shift to the e-commerce sector. We want to believe that it creates some great opportunities that will help the companies and economies in the long run.

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Woman standing by a movie icon

Events during the quarantine: Cancel? Postpone? Adapt! 

There is no doubt that the worldwide quarantine radically changed the plans of many performers, event-goers, and event organisers. And yes, it might sound impossible, but maybe your event can be held online? 

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People purchasing online

How to build an online store from scratch?

You can feel really overwhelmed with information if you are just setting up you very first online business. How to create an e-shop? How much will it cost? We decided to step in and provide a detailed guide on how to build an online store from scratch. So, read on! .

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Paysera quarantine message

Paysera is working as usual during the COVID-19 outbreak

In these times of uncertainty, we will do our best to provide stability and confidence to our clients, partners, and employees.

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Paysera payment cards

Let there be colour!

The first New Year’s news are here! We are ready to introduce a new payment card design with a few different colours. Don’t have a Paysera payment card yet? Order one and choose the colour you like the most.

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