Recommend and earn money

Due to technical issues, the affiliate programme has been temporarily disabled. Those who are already earning money from their invited users will not be affected, but no new clients can be added using referral links since 18 May, 2020.

Receiving reward

You can earn the amazing 10 % from the profit from each client you have recommended. The reward is paid to your Paysera account in your main currency on the 10th day of the following calendar month. You can spend your money as soon as you receive it!

Participating in the program

Both business and private Paysera clients, who have activated the affiliate program in their account settings, can participate in the program. Participation in the affiliate program is free of charge or time limit. In order to participate in the program and earn some money, please register in Paysera, order the affiliate program service and share your unique registration link.

Attracting more users

Are you thinking about the ways you can attract more clients and encourage them to join? Tell your friends about Paysera benefits and services. Share your experience and the unique registration link on social networks, forums, etc. We have prepared you some banners which you can use on your page or social network profile.

How do I start?

Register or log in to Paysera
Activate the affiliate program
Recommend Paysera by sharing the unique link