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Information has been updated: 12/04/2017

Rules for the Recommendation Programme

Due to technical issues, the affiliate programme has been temporarily disabled. Those who are already earning money from their invited users will not be affected, but no new clients can be added using referral links since 18 May, 2020.

General agreementGeneral Payment Services Agreement, conditions of which are applied to the Merchant.

Affiliate – the Client of the Paysera System who recommends Paysera services to third parties, not yet Paysera clients, by redirecting them to Paysera system according to these rules.
(*Explanation: When provisions of the General Payment Services Agreement are applied for all Clients – both Affiliates and other Clients – the term “Client” is used, and when provisions of the General payment agreement are applied only for Affiliates, the term “Affiliate” is used).

1. These rules determine the conditions of the Affiliate program.

2. The affiliate program rules are a Supplement to the General Payment Services Agreement, which come into effect after the Affiliate agrees with the rules in the System. When using this service, all conditions of the General agreement and additional conditions laid down in this Supplement are applied to the Affiliate. Terms in this Supplement are used in the meaning indicated in the General agreement.

3. In order to use the Affiliate program, the Affiliate has to be a registered Client of the Paysera System who has expressed their consent with the conditions of the General Payment Services Agreement and these Rules.

4. The Affiliate program provides the Affiliate with the opportunity to receive a reward for the recommendations of Paysera services to third parties who are not yet Paysera clients, and for their redirection to use Paysera services.

5. Affiliates, registered to participate in the Affiliate program, receive a unique link to the Paysera system for the registration of new clients found by them. The Affiliate program rules are valid and the new clients found by the Affiliate for whom the reward is payed are only those persons, who have registered in the Paysera System through the unique link send by the Affiliate.

6. The Affiliate program comes into effect only if at least three separate unique persons who have not been the clients of the System before register through the unique link given to the Affiliate in the Paysera system in seven days and from the same web browser, and start to carry out operations in the System.

7. The Affiliate shall recommend and redirect only clients having honest aims and good reputation. Paysera, following its internal risk management rules, has the right to refuse to register a person redirected by the Affiliate without indicating reasons thereof.

8. According to the Affiliate program, the reward is payed as a part of the Paysera profit received from the new clients recommended by the Affiliate and using the System.

9. The Affiliate's reward for Recommendations includes:

9.1. in the event of finding clients, redirected by the Affiliate, who will use payment gateway service provided by Paysera – 10 % from the Paysera profit (commissions) from every new client found by the Affiliate, who will use the service. The table of commission fees applied by Paysera is available here in the 2nd table “Commission fee for the project” (the reward from the commission fees given in the 1st table is not calculated). Paysera has the right to change the commission fees. Commission fees applied to the specific client are confirmed when approving the client's project. The reward for the Affiliate is calculated according to the commission fee applied to the specific client (“Additional commission fees for one payment according to project categories”);

9.2. In the event of finding future clients who will use the Paysera Account service provided by Paysera – 10% from the pure profit of Paysera received from currency conversion from the transaction related to the currency conversion of each new client found by the Affiliate. The pure profit received from the currency conversion is calculated according to the difference between the instantaneous market rate and the selling rate, after the deduction of direct costs of conversion which Paysera experiences when converting a specific currency in banks or at currency markets.

10. The reward set forth in these rules can be payed for an indefinite period of time, i.e. all the time during which the new clients found by the Affiliate will use the services of the System, or till the clients brought by the Affiliate will refuse the person they were recommended by, which can be done with the help of the System not earlier than 12 months after the registration of the new client.

11. The Affiliate has to be acceptable to both Paysera and the new client. The new client brought by the Affiliate can refuse the person s/he was recommended by, but not earlier than 12 months after the registration in the System.

12. According to the Affiliate program, Paysera pays the Affiliate a reward for each month on the 10th (tenth) day of the following month, in dependance on the profit brought each month by the clients found by the Affiliate, and only if:

12.1. not less than three clients found by the Affiliate will bring profit during the reporting month;

12.2. the Affiliate has logged in to their Paysera account at least once during the reporting month till the 10th day of the current month;

12.3. Commission fees for a period of time older than 3 months are not payed.

13. The reward is payed to the Affiliate in their selected main currency, by transferring the calculated amount to the Affiliate's Paysera Account.

14. The Affiliate is him/herself responsible for declaration of all income and payment of all fees to the state, applied to him/her for the income received from Paysera according to these Rules.

15. When searching for new clients and giving recommendations to third parties, the Affiliate commits to inform clients that s/he operates as an Affiliate under the present Rules and to do not violate the legislation of the state where s/he will provide recommendations. Recommendations can be provided only by legal means. The content or the method of providing recommendations shall not violate the rights of Paysera or other third persons. Paysera draws Affiliate's attention and warns that sending any advertising information to persons via email, social networks or any other instruments of communication without their consent is forbidden, and statutory sanctions can be applied to the sender.

16. The Affiliate, operating under the present Rules, is also prohibited from:

16.1. placing the provided unique link on websites where information with pornographic, erotic or offensive content is provided, information about gambling is given or gambling is organized, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, illegal products or weapons are sold, paid to click advertisements are placed or where commission fee is paid for registering in electronic systems (moneyback projects);

16.2. making direct references from Google AdWords;

16.3. making direct references from other sources of advertisement (Facebook advertisements, Textads);

16.4. using the word Paysera or another similar sounding word (e.g. with typing errors, additional ending, suffix, etc.) as a keyword in Google Adwords and similar;

16.5. using the domain name Paysera.* as a keyword.

17. The Affiliate takes all the responsibility for their actions when sending recommendations, warrants that their actions will not violate the legislation and undertakes responsibility for all looses which appear due to inadequate compliance (or non-compliance) with the legislation when executing the Affiliate program. Paysera has the right to refuse to pay the reward to the Affiliate under the Affiliate program rules, if the Affiliate violates the applicable legislation when providing recommendations.

18. If it is observed that the Affiliate does not comply with the rules, violates the applicable legislation, may damage the business reputation of Paysera, cheats or violates the interests of Paysera in any other way when exercising the Affiliate program rules, Paysera has the right to demand to terminate the Affiliate's actions immediately, terminate payment of the reward to the Affiliate under the present rules and demand to compensate incurred losses.

19. Paysera will in no case be responsible for any Affiliate's expenses or losses incurred by the Affiliate when providing recommendations under the present Rules.

20. The Affiliate understands that the present Rules do not create any joined activity, partnership or employment relations between Paysera and the Affiliate. No authorities to create liabilities on behalf of Paysera are provided to the Affiliate.

21. The Rules may be amended in accordance with the General Payment Services Agreement.