Paysera or Revolut

Service Paysera Revolut
Card type VISA Mastercard or VISA
Card price with a delivery 4,00 EUR 10,00 GBP
Card validity period 4 years 3 years
Monthly card fee 0,45 EUR Free of charge
Cashing out up to 600 EUR at any ATM of a SEPA country 1,00 EUR 8,00 EUR
Cash-out in other currency In EU countries - 1,00 EUR + 1,8%*
In non-EU countries - 1,50 EUR + 1,8%*
Under 200 EUR or equivalent amount in other currency - for free
Exceeding 200 EUR - 2% from the amount
IBAN account for EUR Yes Yes
Instant transfers amoung users Free of charge Free of charge
Transfers in EUR to SEPA Free of charge** Free of charge***
International transfers (e.g. fee for transfer of 7000 EUR to Poland) 1,5 PLN, up to 1 BD. 10,00 GBP, up to 5 BD

Service prices for private clients in Lithuania have been compared. Data from and as of March 1, 2018

* Currency conversion fee in percentage of the market rate.

** 30 free transfers a month, while the average amount of transfers carried out by a person per month is 7.

*** Up to 6500 EUR per month for free.

Similarities and Differences

Paysera is a payment system allowing the clients to use a free IBAN account, perform free transfers to banks and receive money from accounts in other banks and payment systems. Paysera is an alternative to a bank account: you can get your salary and perform other daily operations in there. Paysera develops services for specific markets, provides payment collection and other services for business. The company creates an infrastructure of transfers and has been successfully operating for 14 years now. Meanwhile, Revolut creates a network of payments by focusing on the fast growth of users and, from the very beginning of operation, covers operational costs with investors' money. Revolut offers a payment card to settle for services and cash out at any ATM.

How do I start?

Register in Paysera system.
Complete identification.
Log in, select "Paysera Visa" and order your Paysera VISA card.