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Which delivery type to choose for your Visa card? 

When ordering the Visa card, you can choose among different delivery options which may vary depending on where you live. Usually, it is regular delivery by post, tracked delivery by post, and courier delivery via a private company, such as TNT. So, which one should you go for? 

Different Visa card delivery types

Standard postal delivery 📬
In some countries, it is possible to order card delivery by regular post and receive it in your mailbox. If you choose regular postal delivery, you will save some money on delivery costs but you will not be able to track the card delivery progress. This sometimes results in parcels being lost in the mail, and, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done then. 

It is very important to understand that Paysera is not responsible for the delivery process and does not cover any damages that may occur during the delivery. To avoid them – we do recommend considering one of the tracked delivery options.

✅ Cheapest delivery method. 
❌ No tracking, so the parcel might get lost in the mail.
❌ Slowest delivery method. 

Tracked postal delivery 🔏

When choosing tracked delivery by post, you receive a tracking number, so you can watch the delivery process as it happens. When using this method, the postperson will deliver the card to your doorstep and you will have to sign for the delivery. You may also need to show your identification document, so it must be you who receives the order. 

This method is much safer and can also be faster than the standard delivery. 

✅ Cheaper than courier delivery but more expensive than the standard option. 
✅ Tracking number and delivery to the door. 
❌ Slower than courier delivery. 
Courier delivery 🤝

Lastly, there is an option to order your card and have it delivered by a courier to your doorstep. This delivery method is the fastest and the most secure, however, it may be pricey. 

When ordering a card to be delivered via TNT, for example, you will get a tracking number, will be able to see the progress of your delivery, and will be handed the card at your doorstep. This delivery will also have to be confirmed with your signature. 

❌ More expensive delivery. 
✅ Tracking number and delivery to the door. 
✅ Fastest delivery. 

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