How to get the Visa card? All questions answered!

get Paysera Visa card
Paysera is proud to provide its clients with payment cards that are contactless, compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay, and can be used all over the world. In this blog post, we explain how to get the Visa card, and answer some of the most common questions about it.

Benefits of the Visa payment card 🤩

Visa card. Paysera provides Visa payment cards that are recognised internationally. You can withdraw money from them at any ATM that accepts Visa cards, or link it with PayPal, Amazon, and more.

Mobile payments. The Visa card is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Add it and make effortless contactless payments. 

Manage via app. Your card is easy to order, manage, and freeze if needed via the Paysera mobile app

Cards for teens. You can order an extra card for another Paysera account holder, who can be as young as 14. Read more >
get Paysera Visa card

Who can get the Visa card? 

Visa cards can be ordered by fully identified EEA residents only.

The main cardholder must be at least 16. However, if you want to open an account at this age, you will need official consent from your guardians, which may include signing documents with e-signature, providing passport details, or conducting a video identification call. 

How to order the Visa card? 💳

The card can be conveniently ordered via the Paysera app. Watch the video on how to do it here 👇

Where can the Visa card be delivered to? 

This is one of the most common questions about the Visa payment card. Visa cards can only be delivered to countries in the European Economic Area to EEA residents who have enough money on their account to cover the card and delivery fee.

This is due to the fact that our card issuer is an EU-based company, and this is their condition, due to some legal factors. 

What are the Visa card fees?

Ordering the Visa card may cost you from 3 to 10 EUR, and then a fee of 0,75 EUR will be deducted from it every month.

What delivery type should I choose? 

A payment card is like a document that contains sensitive information, therefore you should always choose the delivery type responsibly. We always recommend clients choose tracked deliveries (such as TNT), so you can always see the progress of your delivery.

When choosing tracked delivery, you may pay more, but you are then 100 per cent sure that the card will be handed to you at your doorstep, and so you don’t need to worry about it being lost in the mail, as can sometimes happen.

get Paysera Visa card

...and more tips & facts that you might not know! 

⚠️ Be cautious. Do not get involved with third parties that promise to get you the card outside of EEA countries. When sharing your personal information with third parties, you risk becoming a victim of financial fraud or getting your identity stolen and used for malicious purposes. 

📬 Delivery. We are not responsible for the delivery of the cards. Therefore, if you haven’t chosen one of the tracked delivery types, we won't be able to help in finding out why, where, and when your card went missing, if it does.

🗂 Separate account. Your Visa card account is separate from your current account. It allows you to better manage your money, and not to worry about all of your funds in case your card gets lost or stolen. Just don’t forget to transfer some money to it in order to use it!

💶 Euro account. The card account currency is euro. If you pay in other currencies – money will be converted when paying and charges may apply. 

🔵 Colours. When ordering cards, you can choose among a few different colours – orange and blue for private clients, darker shades – for business account holders. 

📲 App power. Use the Paysera mobile app to check your card’s PIN, freeze it or block it if needed, transfer money to and from the card account, and more.