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Paysera is an international money transfer, currency exchange, and e-payment processing business, successfully operating since 2004. We bring technology and payments together by creating simple, fast, and cost-effective payment solutions for private and business clients, anywhere and at any time.

We found a unique partnership formula that works: we give our partners everything they need to start a fintech business, while our local partners can focus on the commercial and developmental part of the business in their country.

Currently, Paysera has representatives in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania, and is working to add 3 more countries very soon.

Having already achieved great results, we don’t intend to stop there. At the moment, we are actively looking for international partners to join our rapidly growing network of financial institutions.

What can you expect as a partner?

By acquiring a Paysera partnership and exclusivity in your local market, you will receive all the necessary tools for starting and running a successful and internationally integrated payment business.
  • You will instantly get access to cross-border online transfers, a payment-processing platform, and the necessary business systems.
  • We will provide you with system integration and service adaptation, access to a multinational infrastructure of banks and other partners, the necessary training and support, as well as marketing and sales materials.
  • We will continuously support you by delivering software updates and improvements, helping to launch new services and products, and providing IT and marketing support.
  • You will get access to comprehensive business management systems, constantly improved and updated 'know-how', as well as ad-hoc support with business, marketing, and financial management issues.
  • Exclusivity for your country or region.

What do we expect from partners?

It is important that the partner meets certain requirements and preconditions to be able to achieve success in the e-payment business.

From an ideal Paysera business partner we expect (must have):

  • Experience in managing a successful business;
  • A trustworthy and crystal-clear reputation;
  • Investment capabilities;
  • A willingness to enrich the local payment market with innovative and cost-friendly solutions;
  • Readiness to apply for an E-money (or equivalent) licence.

It is preferable for the ideal Paysera franchisee to have:

  • Experience in banking or the finance sector;
  • A good network in the local business community.

Size of the preliminary investment:

  • The entrance fee is 30 000 EUR, which includes service adaptation and training;
  • The initial investment starts from 300 000 EUR until the ROI point, which includes investment into an office, human resources, marketing, and other incurred expenses;
  • Capital must be held as per the regulations for a local E-money (or equivalent) licence.

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