Benefits and possibilities

No administrative fees

No additional fees for administration or maintenance. The commission fee is charged only for a successful payment.

Perhaps the lowest price on the market

Tired of paying huge commission fees for transactions with debit cards? The commission fee for mobile payments is up to 2 times lower.

Mobile application

Don't use the popular POS systems for cash registers? No problem. You receive the benefits of the solution by simply using the Paysera mobile application, which is available for both iOS and Android..

More clients served

Bringing the bill to the client, taking money, and returning with the change take a lot of time. Allow your clients to pay independently and your staff to serve more clients.

Mobile phone payments

Clients can pay for your goods or services with just a few taps via their mobile phone. A fast, convenient, and modern payment method.

Modules for popular POS systems

Use Rkeeper, Presta, or nSoft POS systems for cash registers? Then you can install our prepared module for mobile payments in only 1 hour.

Income in real-time

The money is credited to your Paysera account immediately after the client pays for goods or services. Manage your money instantly.

How do I start?


Open a Paysera account.


Contact our Client Support


We will take care of installing the solution at your POS.