Automated payments

Big companies, e-commerce platforms, financial institutions often need to carry out many payments in a short time. Paysera can make it easier, because mass payments via API are done with ease, speed and low price. No need to login every time to Paysera or bank system, payments are initiated from your accounting or business system which is integrated with Paysera via secure API interface.

Fast and low-price transfers

Transfers are made to over 10 000 banks and over 180 countries at a very favorable price and money usually reaches the recipient within only 30 minutes. Our pricing is extremely low, so usually making transfers through Paysera cost less than making them through banks.

Currency Exchange

Paysera offers currency exchange at a very favorable rate. You can now hold you funds on the account in 30 different currencies and use them for making international and local transfers. Currency conversion can also be done automatically via API interface.

Highest-level security

Safety is of the highest priority to Paysera. Thus, we always strive to use the software, technologies and monitoring systems only of the highest standards. It ensures protection of your money, data and transfers round the clock.