Effective from: 23 March, 2020

Trading Precious Metals in the Paysera System*

General AgreementGeneral Payment Services Agreement.

Precious Metals — Gold (XAU), Silver (XAG), and Platinum (XPT). Precious Metals are not electronic money.

Investment Gold (Gold) — gold bars or gold coins (XAU) measured in troy ounces or grams.

1. This Supplement applies to a Client holding a Paysera Account who has received or purchased Precious Metals in the system.

2. When using this service, the Client is subject to all terms and conditions laid down in the General Agreement and, in addition, to those set out in the present Supplement. The terms used in this Supplement have their meaning given in the General Agreement.

3. A Client holding a Paysera account has the opportunity to purchase Precious Metals in their Paysera Account for electronic money they have in the Account, at a price set by Paysera. The price of Precious Metals is determined by the price set by the precious metal exchange. When buying Precious Metals at the market price, the Client immediately pays an additional fee to the market price at the time of purchase and usually 0% at the time of sale. Having paid the price, the Client immediately acquires ownership of a specific quantity of the Precious Metal.

4. The premium price (mark-up for production and transportation costs) of each specific precious metal bar or coin is displayed in the System at https://www.paysera.com and is payable only if the Client expresses their wish to physically withdraw the Precious Metal.

5. The Client assumes full responsibility and risk for the transaction. The Client confirms that they are aware of the potential fluctuation of precious metal prices and will not make any claims against Paysera.

6. Paysera shall have the right to refuse to issue Precious Metal to the Client physically if Paysera has exhausted its stock of a particular type of metal, but may at all times offer another product which is in that particular depository at that time.

7. In the event of a sale and purchase transaction, the Client's Paysera Account displays the amount and value of the Precious Metal held by the Client in the main currency of the Account.

8. The Client may collect the purchased Precious Metal at the locations indicated on the Paysera website (addresses) or store it in the Paysera depository for a set monthly fee (storage fees).

9. The Client may exchange their Precious Metal with other Paysera Clients, i.e. the Client may electronically transfer some or all of the value of the Precious Metal held by them to another user of the Paysera system free of charge.

10. The Client may at any time electronically sell the Precious Metals held by them in the Paysera system, and Paysera undertakes to purchase the Precious Metals from the Client at the market price in effect at that time, sometimes at a mark-up depending on the currency and time of day.

11. Any dispute regarding Precious Metals shall be settled through negotiation with Paysera. If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, the Client, if they are a natural person, shall have the right to apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority of the Republic of Lithuania or the nearest European Consumer Centre. If the dispute cannot be settled amicably or by other non-judicial means of dispute settlement, the dispute shall be settled in accordance with the law of the Republic of Lithuania at the competent court of the Republic of Lithuania at the headquarters of Paysera.

* The Lithuanian Assay Office has added Paysera to the list of entities that may engage in investment gold realisation activities and activities related to precious metals and gemstones (licence effective as of 1 January, 2020). Said activities are supervised by the Lithuanian Assay Office.