Account management and administration

SEPA countries

ISO 3166-2 Country
AD Andorra
AT Austria
BE Belgium
BG Bulgaria
ES Canary Islands
HR Croatia
CY Cyprus
CZ Czechia
DK Denmark
EE Estonia
FI Finland
AX Åland Islands
FR France
GF French Guiana (France)
GP Guadeloupe (France)
MQ Martinique (France)
YT Mayotte (France)
MC Monaco
RE Réunion
BL Saint Barthélemy
MF Saint Martin (French part)
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)
DE Germany
GI Gibraltar
GR Greece
HU Hungary
IS Iceland
IE Ireland
IT Italy
LV Latvia
LI Liechtenstein
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
MT Malta
NL Netherlands
NO Norway
PL Poland
IMIsle of Man
PT Portugal
RO Romania
SK Slovakia
SI Slovenia
ES Spain
SE Sweden
CH Switzerland 
SM San Marino 
GB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland