Payment methods by country and Paysera's fee

Payment processing in Other Countries

# The commission fee consists of a commission fee charged by a bank or system and a Paysera commission fee.
The total commission fee is calculated by adding up the percentage and the fixed fee. The percentage cannot be lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum fee.
Payment type Description Percentage Minimum fee Maximum fee Fixed fee

Paysera Bank Link service
No payment reservation.
The fee will be returned to the Paysera client as a cashback for the purchase.
1,0% - 0,50  -

SafetyPay system
Payment reservation - 24 hours.  
Payment method is available in the following countries: Austria, Columbia, Costa Rica, Germany, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Spain, Brazil.
3,0% - - 0,25 EUR

Additional systems
Payment reservation - 24 hours.
Activated on request and separately from other payment methods.
More information...
from 0,3% - - -