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What will it be like to work at Paysera in 2022?

When working at Paysera, we all contribute to building a pleasant and engaging working environment. And the number of new initiatives for our employees is about to grow more in 2022. Keep an eye on our open positions and continue reading to find out what we are up to this year! 

Paysera became a workplace for travel lovers 🌏

In recent years, Paysera has become a workplace for people who love to travel. Flexible working hours and a hybrid work model allow most of our employees to plan their holidays freely and work from almost anywhere in the world.

Moreover, the company itself organises work and travel trips, so-called workations, where groups of coworkers travel to places as remote as Mexico and Cape Verde - with travel and accommodation expenses covered by the company. 

As 2022 goes on, Paysera is going to announce some more workation destinations. The latest travel destination is already known. If all goes well, Paysera is planning to have its winter-closing gathering in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Ukraine, enjoying skiing and other winter activities with colleagues.

Winter skiing trips are kind of an annual tradition at Paysera. In previous years, employees conquered the mountains of Slovakia and Poland – destinations popular not only among winter sports enthusiasts but outdoor and hiking lovers too.  

2022 – the year of professional growth and development πŸ“š

Marija Ε ilinskytΔ—, Learning and Development/HR specialist @ Paysera

Marija: β€œAt Paysera, we constantly grow as specialists while empowering learning in the flow of work, getting involved in onboarding mentorships and ongoing professional development academies as well as external training courses and conferences.

Currently, together with TMD Partners, we run the Soft Skills Academy for specialists and a Leadership Academy for managers and team leads. We believe that strengthening emotional intelligence and building resilience is super important when working in a dynamic environment in a hybrid way.

Meanwhile, those who prefer personal growth through hands-on experience act as official mentors to the newbies at Paysera. This way they not only refresh their professional knowledge, but also improve their ability to teach and give feedback as well as make new friends. In 2022, the Paysera HR team has an ambitious goal to empower the onboarding mentorship process by clearly defining and describing the role of a mentor and mentee, adapting it for the company on a global scale and taking steps towards extending it to a long-term career mentorship.


Finally, any employee at Paysera can also request various work-related external courses that would be covered by the company. Thanks to this, a number of our professionals gained crucial experience and certificates that will help them in their day-to-day work and future careers, whilst IT personnel often use this benefit to travel to conferences abroad and more.

We hope that in 2022, even more employees will take advantage of these perks and invest their time in developing new skills and qualifications.”

A team that aims high πŸš€

Apart from all the classic benefits that the Paysera team enjoys daily, we truly believe in what we do, and in 2022 – we aim high. Hundreds of employees around the world are working daily so this year we can deliver projects like Lockers, virtual cards, the super app, and many more exciting techy features that will be used by millions of people. 

Read more about our plans for 2022 > 

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