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How to request a refund for a Paysera transfer?

Guidance on how to request a refund for Paysera transfer.
If you’ve made a mistake when initiating a transfer or accidentally made a duplicate one, you probably fear that your money is as good as gone now. Breathe easy… We have good news – it is possible to fix it, and we’re about to share how you can request a refund for your Paysera transfer.

Is the transfer already completed?

We know it’s a time-sensitive situation, but this part is very important, and we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t address it.

To answer your concern: yes, it is possible to request a refund for your transfer. But this service has a fee. We recommend that you check the status of your transfer first – if it’s not completed yet, it could be possible for you to just cancel it yourself, without the need to request a refund.

Mind you, even if the transfer is not completed yet, whether you can cancel it yourself still depends on the type of transfer. To be more specific, you can only cancel it yourself if it's an internal one with incorrect details. We’ve covered all the details in our previous blog post on how to cancel a Paysera transfer.

How to request a Paysera transfer refund?

You’ll need to contact our client support team to request a transfer refund. As this is a time-sensitive situation, we recommend that you call us as soon as possible, especially if your transfer is not completed yet and can still be cancelled.

Based on the type of transfer you made, our client support specialists will guide you through the process accordingly.

Paysera client support team will help to get a transfer refunded.

Questions or concerns?

Remember – we’re not a faceless institution. Our client support team is here to support you and help you manage your finances easily and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help!

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