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NEW! Paysera launches Status page

One of Paysera’s new year's resolutions for 2022 is better communication with our clients. At the core of meeting this promise – we introduce the Paysera Status page.

What can I see on the Paysera Status page?

The Paysera Status page is a useful tool for both private clients and business account holders, especially those that use the Paysera Checkout payment gateway service.

On our brand new Status page you can see:

  • if all our services are working normally;
  • if there are any third party errors that can affect our services (for example if our card issuer experiences problems, your Visa payment card might not work properly, another bank is experiencing issues and it is possible that people shopping in e-shops will not be able to pay via that bank, etc.);
  • any scheduled maintenance work that can impact our services in the near future;
  • history of previous incidents.

Check Paysera's status at any time

No need to call client support every time you face an issue – you can check Paysera's status at any time, online, to see if your issue is already known.

We highly recommend you save the Paysera Status page in your bookmarks for quick and easy access.

You can also follow us on social media to get the latest news and updates about our services: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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