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Paysera Albania secures an electronic money licence!

Paysera Albania
The Central Bank of Albania has granted an electronic money institution (EMI) licence to Paysera Albania, making it the third country in the Paysera Network to secure this licence. Other licences are currently held by the Network pioneer Paysera Lithuania as well as Paysera Kosovo.
The newly licenced partner, Albania, will now be able to provide its clients with various services such as money transfers, online payment processing in e-shops, etc.
Although the Albanian people are still highly dependent on cash payments and only 40 per cent of Albanians have a bank account, Paysera is positive that online banking and e-money services will be welcomed in the country and may even revolutionise current shopping and similar e-commerce practices.
Just like Kosovo, where Paysera started its activities only recently, Albania is an emerging market, full of opportunities, people who are longing for innovation, and a niche to offer competitive services and prices.
Apart from these licensed partners, the Paysera Network has more partners in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, and is constantly expanding to Europe and beyond.

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